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    Aug 2004
    matipid tlga jazz, madami nako kilala satisfied sa consumption ng jazz nila. sulit talaga!

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    May 2005
    yung lalabas na 1.5 sa tingin nyo tipid pa rin?? sa akin minimal lang cguro ang deifference.. . plus ganda pa ng porma..tsk tsk

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    Jun 2005
    HI to all im new to this site. I just got my honda jazz unit. Considered to get one primarily because of fuel consumption, style. Was wondering if anyone(current jazz owners) can give me feeedbacks(good and bad) on its over all performance. As it is, im very much pleased with what Honda released after a long wait from their last hatchback model. Cheers everyone. Coolness ang nagpopost dito i must say. Good taste as well.

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    Sep 2004
    welcome, ariesfeb!

    got mine August 2004. overall - very satisfied. fuel efficiency, comfort, looks and performance (city driving). took it several times for out of town trips, never pa ako napahiya.

    it's not a race car but a great choice given the rising fuel prices.

    enjoy your unit. swerte ka, dami na discount and freebies now. last year, super kuripot hcpi.

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    Oct 2003
    paki-PM mo naman sa akin how much did you pay all in all? what trim did you get? S with CVT ba?

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    Nov 2002
    congrats sa ride! a cute ride indeed!

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    Oct 2002
    only negative comment ko is the rear suspension making plok plok sound (from test drive at hondakal and my tito's jazz) although, sabi sa kanya ng honda q ave, puputulin yung bumpstop para mawala..

    positives are looks, engine (just right) cvt tranny, and size

    overall, its a good daily driver..wont mind driving one
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    Jun 2005
    thanks. well i guess i really had a good choice of getting this one. again, appreciate your reply. by the way, do you know where to get that blinker thing for the side mirror? =)

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    Jun 2005
    Was just wondering if by any chance anyone knows where to get that "blinker thing" for the side mirrors? pm me ty and any suggested shops for accessories for jazz as well hehehehe ty

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    Jun 2005
    actually when you open the central door lock (driver's side ofcourse), it automatically unlocks the fuel tank, when you lock it then goes the fuel tank as well po =)

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