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    Jan 2005
    2 days? di nga sila nagmadali. heheh.

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    Oct 2002
    Jazz does Melb-Syd for $50

    THE challenge was simple: Melbourne to Sydney for $50. There were plenty of choices, including hitch-hiking and cycling, but any serious travel comes down to planes, trains or automobiles. Could the Jazz do it?

    These days you can get a one-way Virgin flight for $49 or ride the Greyhound bus to Sydney for $50. Train travel will set you back $58.30.
    But you have to endure cramped spaces, and sharing your life for at least a few hours.

    So it didn't take long to decide on a car. And the Honda Jazz made an interesting choice, particularly as Honda Australia was keen to see if its baby could make it on $50.

    It's an advanced jigger that gets good economy and still has enough space for people and luggage.

    So the challenge was on. The rules were strict: no super-inflated tyres, no coasting on hills, and no snails-pace crawling with the windows up and the airconditioning off. This was going to be a normal, real-world run.

    The trip began in Melbourne at 9.30am with a clean and tidy Jazz, a few favourite CDs, some Sydney maps and a service-station stop that filled the tank but drained my wallet of $28.95, leaving only $21.05 for fuel for the Jazz and me.

    The drive to Albury was easy, apart from the fear of the revenue cameras, and the run passed at an average speed of 91.2km/h.

    Fuel economy on the Jazz's trip computer was 5.01 litres/100km. At that rate, it was looking as if I would beat the Virgin price and have money left for lunch, but a less-than-satisfactory stop at KFC cost $7.95 and the car took another $12.05 in fuel, taking the total to $48.95 and ensuring I had to make Sydney without another top-up.

    The actual trip from Albury to the centre of Sydney was uneventful and easy, apart from a stop to help an elderly woman change a tyre. So, six hours and 15 minutes after clearing Albury I was in the heart of Sydney, having averaged 101km/h for the second half of the trip, but with not much showing on the fuel gauge.

    It was enough for another 50km before the warning light came on, so the Jazz had done well.

    The total travel time was 10 1/4 hours and that included lunch and a couple of comfort stops. The Jazz had given absolutely no trouble -- it was comfortable and quiet, thanks to a roomy cabin and low wind and road noise -- and the overall average speed was 85km/h.

    If you look only at the actual driving time the average was 97km/h and fuel economy for the interstate trip was an excellent 4.92 litres/100km. And I drove like everyone does when they hit the Hume.

    David McCarthy covers motoring for the gay community through MCV and JOY 94.9FM, writes for Sports Car and Racer magazines and works as executive officer of People Living with HIV/AIDS Victoria.

    fast facts

    1.3 litre inline fuel-injected four cylinder
    61 kW at 5700 rpm
    119Nm at 2800 rpm
    Five-speed manual
    Five-door hatch

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    Oct 2002
    In reality, dito sa manila it averages 12-15 kms/ltr city driving. I myself got 10.5 kms/ltr dahil pedal to the metal ang takbo ko, plus pasig-makati vv lang ang biyahe ko. Now, i'm measuring again but this time di na ako hahataw. I'll post again within a week.

    Still, those are really decent numbers. Sa panahon ngayon na mahal ang gasolina, i guess in na to have a small displacement car.

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    Aug 2004
    Siguro 600km/l pede pa pero kung 1000+ iba na iyan, if possible=approveŁ

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    Nov 2002
    madameng tinago diyan.. siyempre alam mo naman commercial dito sa atin.. exaggerated masyado

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    Sep 2004
    though exag nga ung pinakita nila sa commercial, matipid talga jazz compared to other cars out on the roads right now.

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    Dec 2004
    i saw an article that the new petron has an additive

    acetone kaya ? =) hehehe

    well atlest hindi naman karadikal na claim dati diba yung 60km/liter yung jazz

    atleast mga 26km/liter partly pwede parang 30% believeable

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    Mar 2005
    well, wala nang regular unleaded sa petron, so xtra unleaded na kinarga ko kanina... we'll see...

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    Oct 2002
    tipid ka sa gas lugi sa pyesa! $$$$$$$$

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    Dec 2003

    di ba sa commercial, wala rin aircon, hehehe lalayo ka talaga

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