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    Jun 2004
    I think there have been discussions regarding the jazz before. I'd advise for you do a search.

    Here are some of my thoughts.

    Based on what i recall the jazz reaches around 13 km/l or better depending on driving style.

    Maintenance prices are typical honda. You can check some of the charges they have for regular check ups at the honda makati website. Your Toyota would still be cheaper to maintain.

    Don't ever remove the abs/side airbags. These are there to save your life if ever something bad happens.

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    Oct 2003
    well i dont think honda is selling the mugen kit here in the philippines..but if they do, then thats one hell of a ride! :lol: jazz is a tad better than the city when it comes to styling

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    Feb 2005
    i can say is jazz is a gas saver...sulit sa titpid yan...

    that's accdg to a friend who has one..

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by vjmd
    3. given a choice, civic vti o jazz sport? konti lang ang diff eh.

    if ever plano ko bilin yung jazz sport. i would love to get the body kit and let go with the abs/side airbag. or is this a bad decision?
    if i were you, i'll get the jazz (with airbags & abs). compromising safety with aesthetic kits isn't the way to go IMO.

    may 3rd party ba na gumagawa ng decent kit? sa casa kasi you can get the standard jazz with the saftey features tapos add ka ata ng 50k for the kit.
    you can inquire with a-toy if they've already done jazz bodykits.

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    Apr 2004
    Honda Jazz 1.3 is much fun to drive than the City IMO. Ang sarap! di ba baiskee?

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    Aug 2004
    Hi guys! i've decided na to get a jazz after comparing it with the city 1.5v...

    So now the question is: what color looks good on it? here are my choices:

    1. Taffeta White
    2. Silverstone grey

    And what kind of 16" rims would i match with it?
    (preferably gunmetal/black color)

    Thank you for your responses!!!

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    Gray na lang, less maintenance on your part compared to white. Kasya ba 16"s sa Jazz? how about 15"s to balance comfort / porma.

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    Oct 2002
    eh kung 18's kasya sa jazz eh

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    Aug 2004
    I've researched on the size of the rims na, and the best would be a 16" rims with 205/45 tires para ganda and still good for normal driving. I'm trying to make the car look a lil bigger.

    So what design would "Fit" the Fit?

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    Oct 2002
    silverstone ba yung dark gray? silver concept one rims volk racing te38 on them would look neat

    kung white (which i prefer), concept one na volk racing again pero dark gray yung loob with polished lip..danda danda teka. wala ata 16s nun
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