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    Sep 2004
    so jazz is like a hatchback version ng city. a city idsi can reach 180kph without touching the redline.not bad for a 1300 car

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    Oct 2002
    Cmon, you guys cant be that lazy can you? :D

    I wonder why admin hasn't replied to my PM re a link to HCP's forum tho'.
    I sent the PM over a month ago.

    Anyway here's our member's post.
    He's a new Jazz owner who traded his old generation City VTEC for the new Jazz.

    It's a bit lengthy so here goes:

    Can the Jazz Really Hit 21 km per liter?, The FINAL VERDICT

    I just want to share my quest for truth regarding Honda's Fuel Economy claim of the Honda Jazz 1.3 IDSI engine. Read on.

    Since last week, I've been grumbling that the car I bought, a Honda Jazz 1.3 with CVT was nothing different from my previous Honda City with a 1.5 Vtec Engine when it comes to fuel consumption. The best fuel mileage i got in the Jazz was 10 km/liter in city driving (mind you, this is on a stop ang go traffic, mostly stop if i were to put it blantly). A far cry from Honda's claim of 15 - 21 km/li. I was dissappointed...

    ... Not until last saturday (Sept 18). Determined to find out for myself if Honda's claim (by it's sales executives) were true. That day, I was to attend Totenkopf's birthday celebration in Tagaytay, that's approximately 75 km one way drive from Manila via the SLEX. I told myself that this is a good time to test the car's fuel mileage on a long distance drive. At around 1:30 PM, i drove to Caltex Pioneer and went full tank with Vortex Gold. I reset my trip A and trip B meters to 0 (yes the Jazz has two trip meters) before leaving the gas station enroute to Blue Wave along Macapagal Blvd where I was to drop by to attend the HCP Sept EB.

    There was moderate traffic in EDSA and my average speed was around 40 kph. At around 2 PM, I arrived at Bluewave and met up with the HCP peeps. At around 3 PM, Totenkopf and I left the EB venue enroute to Tagaytay. I was following Totenkopf's Turboed City, man, he's got one fast car. My car, being new, was seldom driven hard. Catching up with Totenkopf's car along Magsaysay Blvd meant stepping on the gas and bringing the revvs past 5000 RPM. It was fun downshifting using the Jazz's manual shifting capability. It's was just like driving a spaceship. The engine wasn't producing the same sweet VTEC note of my previous CITY, but nonetheless, i could feel the car being catapulted as I manually downshift. "There goes my gas mileage" i told myself upon catching up with Totenkopf making a right turn at the corner of the world trade center going to Pasay.

    By the time we entered SLEX, traffic was moderately heavy. My speed was averaging 75 kph. My transmission mode was set at D (drive) mode but i occassionally activate the 7 speed manual mode when overtaking or when there is a long stretch of open road for me to sprint and catch up with TT (Turboed Totenkopf). I maintained my revvs at around 2800 RPM with occassional bursts reaching 5000 RPM.

    It was a pleasure cruise, no clutches, no need to think of what gear to take, etc etc etc. it wasn't that boring really, i kept my thumb busy shifitng whenever i got the chance.

    I also enjoyed observing other motorists whenever I over take. I would occassionally catch a glimpse of passengers calling the attention of their drivers or co-passengers and they would start pointing at the car, sizing it up from tip to tip and top to bottom. I didn't know what's really going in those people's mind, but i think Honda did something right in the Jazz's exterior styling.

    Traffic was starting to build as we were nearing the SHELL Gas station. My average speed was around 40 kph then. I told my self that my gas consumption is really going to suffer and I may not reach the targetted gas mileage of 15 km/liter. i was reckoning that the best I could make for the whole trip was at most 15 km/liter.

    We reached Petron and TT proceeded to gas up. I checked my Fuel Guage and surprisingly, it hasn't moved that much. Hmmm i know Fuel Guages are not accurate, but it was a relief for me seeing that it hasn't moved.... well not yet. Fuel Guages are known to have this nasty habit of moving unusually fast once it drops down to 3/4 of the guage, as if the engine is siphoning out the gas in the tank like softdrinks. That's what i've observed in my previous City.

    TT honked at me, signalling that we were ready to resume the trip. I felt a bit dissappointed when I saw the traffic crawling a snail's pace. Traffice congestion was due to a road construction just before the bridge on top of the carmona railroad. After that construction at the bridge, I maintained an average speed of around 80 kph.

    From Sta. Rosa Exit all the way to Tagaytay, the traffic was light to moderate and i was able to maintain an average speed of 75 kph with the occasional vroom vroom whenever i had the chance. At least i kept my thumbs busy .

    Upon reaching the parent's house of TT, i checked the guage, it still hasn't moved that much. I told myself that I may achieve the 15 km/liter after all. But still, my skeptism remained. Not until I get back to Manila to make another fill will I be convince of the results.

    TT drove the Jazz around the hilly subdivision and amazingly, we never encountered any hints that the engine was running out of power when traversing hilly portions with 20 degree inclinations. I would say that the engine gave the power when it was required.

    Going back to Manila at 1 AM (was it that late?) was a breeze. Very light traffic. and average speed until the Sta Rosa Tollgate was 75 kph. Once i entered SLEX, i shifted to S (Sports Mode) and pressed the accelerator till I reached 120 kph after which I shifted to D mode. The needle just stuck into that cruising speed while the revvs are kept quite low at 2500 RPM more or less. No rattles, minimal wind noise, smooth quite ride as I would described it.

    We reached Metro Manila in just 20 minutes (I think) and when I parked the car upon reaching home, I check the Fuel Guage, the needle moved approximately 3 graduations only. My trip meter registered 169.9 km. I did some rough estimates and I reckon that I have reached 18 km/liter at least... I proceeded to Caltex Pioneer at around 9AM of the same day (sept 19) to top up at full tank...

    The Digital Meter of the gas pump registered 8.045 liters while my trip meter registered 171.0 km

    Using the calculator in my phone, i excitedly keyed in the numbers and to my amazement i was able to achieve a whopping 21.25 km / liter!!!

    171.0 km / 8.045 liters = 21.25 km per liter

    I would like to retract my statements I said that Honda's claim of 21 km/li fuel consumption in the 1.3 Jazz is not true. Honda's claim is TRUE. This quest has changed my whole impression of the IDSI engine. It is indeed a great technological wonder.

    Given the right traffic conditions (it doesn't have to be ideal) the 1.3 IDSI engine could even easily reached 23 km/liter.

    Spread the word, Choose the Jazz if you're a sucker for fuel economy like me.

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    Oct 2002
    You don't need to own a Honda to be an HCP member.
    An appreciation of Honda's interpretation of the automobile is good enough. ;)

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    Oct 2002
    Some background.

    Jazz is the original platform on which the City iDSi is based upon.
    The Jazz is called Fit in Japan & Jazz everywhere else.
    The City is called the Fit Aria & in City in the asian markets where it is available.

    In the Japanese market it is available in the 1.3, 1.5 iDSi & 1.5Vtec version.
    In both fwd & AWD.

    The version our member has is Jazz 1.3 iDSi with CVT transmission.
    A supporting incident would be another members experience with his 1.3 iDSi CVT City.
    He got around 19km/l on a round trip to Subic.
    The interesting part about his trip was his City did 1:12 sec lap times on the Run What You Brung short track in Subic with 4 passengers with an average weight of 180-190lbs per passenger.

    To put that in perspective.
    Track record at RWYB track is held by a very tricked out SiR driven by a very experienced driver who has beaten Evo's on the same Subic track aside from BRC's short track.

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    Oct 2002
    antipid...sakin 14km/L pinakamataas ko...

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    Jul 2003
    huwaww.. akala ko mataas na ang 14km/L (ata) ko sa rav4 eh... 1.8L 4x2

    hindi ko kasi siya sinolve eh, binilang ko lang ang P500 worth ng gas divided by the distance na travel ko kasi i filled up my tank nung umilaw ang empty gas light. then i divided the distance na natravel ko by the litres of velocity worth P500. more or less 14km/L a

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    Oct 2002
    wow 21.25 parang gusto ko nga jazz

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    Jan 2003
    so to sum it all up
    10km/liter city drivin
    21+kms/liter hiway drivin

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    Sep 2003
    sana ganyan din revo namin

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    Aug 2004
    hwow... that's freaking hybrid numbers right there... 60mpg flat, if it's accurate enough!

    But I have noticed that the trip to tagaytay gives you some 1-2 km/l extra in economy when combined with a back and forth run to manila (must be the downhill run..), but that still means an average of 19-20 km/l... which is damn fantastic!!!

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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