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    Oct 2002
    o nga eh, mga mahilig sa bagong kotse, kilala mo siguro mga yun....distributor ng ... tires.

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    May 2004
    Originally posted by Ungas
    Aba! Sossy! 2 Jazz pa, pangterno ba yun kung anong kulay suot nyang damit? :D
    Di naman cguro. baka sa cellphone iteterno or sa bag.(joke lang).

    tnx fr3d3rick.

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    Jun 2004
    majority prepared parin sedan, others think other than sedan, vans and SUV/AUV is not legitimate car to own.. especially first owned/timer car buyer..hehe>>

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    i saw the jazz kanina (yung dressed up, saka yung standard) sa honda kalookan. really nice. if i was still in the market for a car, i'd seriously consider getting it, over the city or vios. can't decide between the blue or the red. i like the dashboard, saka yung seats. guess i've always been partial to hatches, kasi i still like the 1.3 honda hatchback.

    but i agree, it's overpriced. yung 1.3CVT nya costs almost the same as the 1.5 Vios, at P650K. For that price (and a little more), you can get the Chevy Optra, the Altis J, maybe the Civic low end model?

    tapos, walang free. you pay for registration (2,400), rustproofing (4,950), tint (dunno how much, if with honda mismo).

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    Jul 2004
    Maganda daw hatak, our fleet manager test drived it. Comportable daw sa loob and really spacious. Dami daw ganda features pero parang nagmamaneho ka ng plantsa ( just like the city )

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    Oct 2002
    Maybe the reason its not selling so fast is that snooty attitude of Honda dealers not to give discounts. I mean they act as if lots of people are lining up to buy a Honda and there's no other car available excpt for a Honda. Mali sila diyan.

    I love euro-styled hatchbacks. I own an Echo hatchback myself. When reading car magazines, I get turned on more by pictures of hatchbacks than by pictures of exotic and muscle cars. I dunno, I just love small cars...

    The issue why Echo was phased out was because of the excise taxes then. The Echo hatchback was pretty steep at P 640 thousand and was perceived as not to be worth that much for a small car. Well, that's our car buying culture here. Sa pagbili ng sasakyan, dapat kasya buong angkan sa loob. That's why AUVs sold like hotcakes back then.

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    Oct 2002
    the interior space is comparable to the Rav4. masikip yun for a mini ute pero for a small hatch maluwag sya.

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    Sep 2003
    ayaw kasi magbigay ng honda ng discounts and freebies, dapat included na lagi sa lahat ng units nila..

    karamihan kasi sa mga pinoy mahilig sa libre kahit mahal.. buti pa sa toyota libre lagi tint, matting at lto.. although binayaran mo din naman dahil there is no such thing as free hehe

    pagpunta ka sa honda showroom, lalamya-lamya mga sales person dun at wala paki sa iyo like nung nag enquire ako ng crv nila.. tsk tsk..

    teka OT na ako hehe..
    back to the topic, kung ang primary car ko is my revo,... ang gusto ko secondary car is civic or altis pa rin..
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    Nov 2002
    pag gusto niyo HONDA cars brand new.. PM niyo ako.hehe. may discount.. sorry mga mods.. isa lang po. hehehe

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    Jan 2003
    Feel The difference and Jazz up your life with the new HONDA JAZZ...

    Exhibit and text drive will be held in front of Palma Hall on July 29 & 30, from 10am to 6pm.

    Look for Marlon of Honda Cars Kalookan or Carlo Mostoles of UP Saver.
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