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    Dec 2003
    yeah if the V were a cake it would be a banana cake..kahit saang kanto meron..haha jst kidding...when my bro got 1 i wasnt thrilled at all kc n after driving it for a few days nagsawa agad ako..

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ssaloon
    IMO, dapat naglabas ang honda ng nighthawk black na crv eh...

    pogi siguro non!!!!! :shock:
    actually, meron edition lang...but 2 wks waiting time so silver na lang kinuha namin para kuha agad...

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    Jun 2005
    ako din bka 2k5 crv model na lang tagal kasi nun fortuner na reservation ko. tanong ko lang matagtag ba yung 8 seater tsaka i-vtec na din ba yung engine nung mga naunang 2nd gen. crv o dito lang sa 2k5 model nabago.

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    May 2005
    The '05 2WD has the same engine as the '02-'04 2WD, which is the K20 2.0l i-vtec. The AWD has the 2.4l engine, which came out late in 2003.

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    Nov 2002
    Whats the fuel consumption of the 2.4L vtec engine of the 05' CRV?

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    May 2005
    Gen 2 CR-V owners, has anyone experienced a "pull-to-the-right problem". We MIGHT buy a '05 CR-V 2WD soon and I did some research and found out about this problem just now. It seems to affect the 2WD models mostly. Haven't heard the AWD having this problems. Pls Share your insights.

    Here are some quotes of people from other forums in the US who have experienced the problem.

    I test drove a 05LX and it pulled and drifted to the right.
    The dealership people pretended that they never had heard about this problem. Then slowly they mentioned this has been found in a ‘few’ 05s esp LX since they are 2WDs.
    They did the TSB fix for the tire mounts and rotated and then changed the tires. The dealer’s mechanics’ final conclusion was that this was torque steer and is bound to happen due to the uniqueness of the CRV, engine mounted high, high horsepower and 2WD. Some CRV test drives/reviews have also criticized Honda for not doing anything to ‘dampen’ the torque steer. PT Cruiser Turbo is one other car with excessive torque steer.
    Any 05 LX if you slow down and give gas without tightly holding the steering, it will pull right. The service director’s comment was (I am quoting him verbatim) ‘If you are so sensitive about torque steer, this is not the right kind of vehicle for you!’
    Honda and the dealers are pretending this is not a problem at all. The 2WD LX will have to be re-engineered or recalled. I didn’t buy the vehicle, obviously

    Here is an update on my '05 CRV bought back in November, '04, with the dreaded PTTR. After months of legal wrangling with Honda Manufacturer and setting a Lemon Law arbitration date, Honda backed out of the arbitration days before it was to happen and decided to buy the faulty CRV back.

    For those of you out there trying to convince people that torque steer should be expected in all front wheel drive vehicles, I can only say that the FWD Saturn Vue that I just leased must be broke because it drives straight as an arrow if I am coasting or if I floor the gas pedal. The only downside of owning a vehicle that drives straight is my arm muscle has decreased in size since I am not constantly tugging the steering wheel to the left to compensate for the steering wheel pulling to the right. It is a pleasure to drive a vehicle, once again, that allows the driver to be the one to decide which direction the vehicle moves.

    I had the PTTR on my 03 CRV. Tire pressures ok, had the wheels balanced/rotated, no luck. Had the TSB performed at the 5000mi oil change, has gone nice and straight for the last 25000 miles.

    My PTTR was during straight highway driving. You needed to keep pressure on the steering wheel to the left to go straight. On a straight highway, right hand lane (sloped) - immediate PTTR. Middle lane (even?)- 2 second delay then PTTR, on the left lane (sloped) - about 5 seconds of delay before PTTR after letting the wheel go.


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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by number001
    Gen 2 CR-V owners, has anyone experienced a "pull-to-the-right problem". We MIGHT buy a '05 CR-V 2WD soon and I did some research and found out about this problem just now. It seems to affect the 2WD models mostly. Haven't heard the AWD having this problems. Pls Share your insights.
    Nope.... never had this problem during my 2-year ownership of my '02 EX. Torque steer was a different story though.... only proves that Honda now has better torque output.

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    Oct 2002
    from the Phil Star:

    More power, but not more style: Honda CR-V 2.4
    By Andy Leuterio
    The Philippine STAR 07/06/2005

    Bury the throttle into the floor of the 2005 CR-V and two things happen: it surges forward with the urgency of the late, great Civic SiR; and the bar-type, digital fuel-economy meter dips alarmingly to the left, reading roughly 2 kilometers per liter. You need to do this sort of thing to tell the old from the new; park it beside a 2004 CR-V and you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference. Visually, the bumpers, the lamps, and the wheels are different. Not that much different from the old, though, because in typical Honda fashion, CR-V styling has been bland since the first generation rolled out in the mid 90’s.

    So, this 2005 update is, well, a different kind of bland. Like a kind of sushi you’ve never tried before, the look is familiar, neat, and completely deceptive about what it is capable of. In its case, the "wasabi" comes in the form of a bigger engine for the 4x4 version: a 2.4-liter, 4-cylinder, 16-valve with i-VTEC to belt out 160 horses and 22.2 kg-m of torque. Despite the extra 0.4 liters of displacement, the engine runs with consummate smoothness from idle all the way to the 6,000-plus rpm redline. Coming alive at 3,000 rpm, it emits a healthy snarl that begs to be run hard, so long as you don’t peek at the fuel-economy gauge.

    Unlike most other light SUV manufacturers, Honda continues to give you the option of a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic. If you’re one of the few that still refuse to let a computer do the shifting for you, the manual is as smooth and precise as Honda could make it, blessed with a Civic-light clutch and short throws. However, the higher torque translates to jerkier power delivery off the line. Put the hammer down from 1st gear, upshift at 5,000, and the axle will squirm in protest as you mash the stick into 2nd. In milder operation, there’s a "rubber band" sensation as you press and depress the gas in traffic. Get the 5-speed automatic to smooth things out; the torque converter will do a better job of smoothening out torque transfer than your "clutch" foot will ever manage.

    Inside, some improvements are immediately apparent: the Optitron gauges are more eye-catching, the A/C knobs are larger, and the radio is much improved. Park your butt into the driver’s seat and it’s easy to take for granted how the designers made every switch, lever, control and button so logically laid out that you’d be hard pressed to think of a better layout for the dash. It may not be a very sporty-looking cockpit — in fact it looks depressingly dull for something costing more than a million bucks — but it’s in the details that the CR-V delivers.

    From the seats that easily tumble forward so the box-like cabin can swallow most everything, to the smoother engagement of the RealTime all-wheel drive, everything about the CR-V says "competence". And of course it’s as safe as any other SUV, with dual airbags, all-disk brakes, and ABS. As light off-roaders go, the CR-V will ably tackle rough terrain, but it’s no Land Rover. Its mission has always been to deliver all-weather performance in a tall wagon body, best enjoyed for long trips where car-like driving dynamics, idiot-proof operation, and cubic feet of cargo space are tops on the buyer’s list. Now facing the middle years of its production cycle, the CR-V faces tough competition from rivals that either pack more pizzazz or better financing deals.

    Still, it’s got all the essentials of fuss-free, SUV-lite ownership that has always characterized the CR-V. The few cosmetic improvements and engineering upgrades with the motor and all-wheel drive ensure that, for the buyer who places a premium on quality and performance, it’s still one of the best at what it’s made to deliver.

    The Good:

    • more power from a bigger, but still smooth motor

    • improved RealTime engagement

    • much better radio…at last

    • still one of the most versatile cabins in its class

    The Bad:

    • still as bland as before

    • hard-to-modulate power delivery with the manual transmission

    The Verdict:

    An amazingly competent SUV with a healthy dose of extra power, but still in need of some character.

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    Jan 2005
    di pa ako maka-isip ng ilalagay kung mga pautot,kasi simple lang ang gusto at bago pa kasi dipa kailangan ng mga decorasyon,solve nko d2 muna. tingin na nalang ako sa inyo kung ano ang maganda...

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    Oct 2002
    my CRV has that pull to the right

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