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    Jan 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by DSKolokoy View Post
    that would be a long wait indeed. looks like im forced to buy the current model or look for a different car like maybe an impreza haha
    Go! I have plans on buying a new one next year kaso the civic pala will be getting an upgrade. Ako when I got my Mazda3 ang pinili ko ung facelifted model. So either the new Civic or iba na nga lang.

    But if ngayon ka bibili I suggest you get the 2.0S

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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by EuroFD View Post
    Our friends from Honda Cars Global City say that the facelifted Civic FD may come out middle of 2009 at the earliest. I suggest you get the current model while HCPI may include a lot of good features, deals and freebies with it.

    Our forum poster from the Middle East already bought a facelifted FD. He says it rides practically the same as the existing FD. Mostly aesthetic upgrades only. HTH
    Indeed you can upgrade 2008 model to 2009 model look since size ng body didnt change a bit - if i'm mistaken..

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    Aug 2008
    any news on the new civic? can't decide to get the old model or wait for the facelifted one.

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by 20vanda01 View Post
    Is that an NVH design issue? Or its just a low noise canceling ratio tires?
    i'm pretty sure NVH reduction, esp. road noise is not coming fm. better (quieter)tires. something more todo with better sealing/ sound insulation. if i were u i'd wait for it. or u can still get it but need to re-apply under body coating for the rest of the vehicles life.

    once u stop recoating under-chassis. it dries up and transmits more noise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilbur7 View Post
    any news on the new civic? can't decide to get the old model or wait for the facelifted one.
    My guess is Honda Cars Philippines is probably just letting the new City enjoy the spotlight before they launch the facelifted 2009 model.

    The 2009 Civic was already launched in Thailand (see JPG111's post for the photos) so I guess we can expect it to arrive here sometime soon.

    Additonal photo:
    2009 ASEAN/Thai Honda Civic
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    Feb 2008
    Just wait for the facelifted one, but expect another round of price hikes...

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    Sep 2008
    If this one comes out, will they be still selling the not-facelifted-ones?

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    hope they'll return the 2.0S-MT line.

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    Oct 2008
    I've seen this face lifted version in Macau last December. a black one...the front grill and bumper looks nice..but the rear looks almost the same..

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    Nov 2007
    im so excited..
    pwede na ba magpareserve??

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facelifted civic for 2009... do i wait?