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    Jul 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by CVT View Post
    Please do not make it overly complicated.

    Just put it to "D",- it will do the math for you....

    Yup. I also switched from manual to CVT and didn't have any "transition" problems

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    Nov 2011
    Read the manual from cover to cover.

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by TheUninvited View Post
    Read the manual from cover to cover.
    Bro- now, that is arguably a much bigger challenge than putting it into "D" & steering it and moderating it with the brake pedal...

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    Mar 2008
    but it may save him the trouble of posting questions like "how do i replace my busted tail light bulb?" and other DIY-able chores.

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    Feb 2012
    I am with the "stay on D" guys here. The only adjustment I see is learning the quirks of a CVT transmission. Like if accelerating, you just press on the gas continuously and it will stay in the power band for you. Unlike with regular A/T where you press on the gas, then let go slightly for it to shift early.

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    Aug 2017
    Staying in D really is best, whatever the terrain. At this mode, the RPM won't suddenly spike up unlike in the other modes. It is also more efficient as eco-mode works in D. Since you don't need to pull the switch trigger between N and D, it is easy to free-wheel on downhills then pull back to D on the up-slope. Working with only these 2 removes room for confusion.

    For sustained, high-speed downhill drives where I want some engine-brake assist, I sometimes switch to S, so long as I know I won't be pushing on the gas. I also only use S when I have to overtake surely and quickly. There has been no situation so far where I would prefer L.

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Coming from manual. How to properly shift Honda CVT transmissions?