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    Nov 2002
    i think the best they can do is replace the soiled parts (ceiling, etc.) rather than the whole car.. kung yung iba nga mechanical ang prob ayaw palitan yan pa kaya cosmetic lang ang prob..kaya malabo yang change unit request mo..

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Viper
    i got feedback last saturday from the casa that there indeed is a water leak in the roof. oil sealant is busted right from the start even before the unit was released to me.
    ano yong oil sealant? sa roof? san exactly pumapasok tubig? sa lining ng roof? sa rear glass rubber strips na nakapaligid? Enlighten us nga para we can have an idea of the defect...

    I don't think this is just cosmetics issue...if you're talking about the accessories and add-ons na easily replaceable...yea. Pero kung pinag-uusapan e yong integrity at build quality ng car (how basic and exacting must you be with the sealant, windshield, glasses, doors, etc? Alang compromiso yon....especially if substandard installation and application will lead to further damages to other parts like ceiling, floor, pillars, whatever. Baka simulan pa ng kalawang yan e. Besides, e kung stop-gap lang ang solusyon? Babalik at babalik yan.

    Yong mechanical's easier for them to get out of it (claiming abuse or ordinary wear and tear)...even so, most mechanical issues can (and are meant to) be replaced or repaired in DUE time.

    Chassis issues are different. Unless nabangga na yan o antique na, e di dapat may tulo o kalawang. This is clearly a lemon unit. Nothing short of replacement (IMO).

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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Viper
    question: we also noticed that some body parts are not perfectly fit, hindi proportioned ang body. its a small issue, d naman halata unless some1 meticulously evaluates the car. is this normal?
    'Pre, document your car's problems and send a formal, written complaint.

    I don't own a Honda but since you ask for advice on how to deal with the dealer, here's my experience:

    Oral advice, that is, word of mouth complaint, has a tendency to be ignored and your complaint about the car just taken for granted. That was my experience about the noise on my car (annoyances, really, nothing serious) which I complained suspecting it was a symptom of impending problem. It was not given much attention, other than cursory tightening of bolts.

    So I wrote a formal complaint, faxed it to the National Kia Distributor Service Manager, faxed the complaint to the dealer's service manager, emailed the complaint on Kia's online feeback, and mailed by snail post the original written complaint. Within the day, the National Service Manager of Columbian Autocar himself called me up to schedule an inspection of my car with one of their plant's engineer. Result: my Picanto's muffler was replaced- yap. The whole line. Ugly under-carriage noise gone.

    Since then, my delaer has been very accomodating everytime I visit the case for scheduled maintenance.

    I also work on a company dealing with customers and its an established fact that people really work hard if they have a PIECE OF PAPER to refer to. I'm not sure why.

    But I can bet that once your dealer have a document about your problems written by you on their hands, the gears of their internal bureaucracy would move faster.

    Try it. Just make your tone non-threatening but leave no doubt that you are serious, firm and most of all, clear.

    PS. While still shopping for cars last year, my friends and I went to about 6 Honda dealers and we noticed that the driver's door of the City on display had to be slammed hard to make it close to a tight fit. I saw one running on the road with the driver's side door clearly not closed well.

    Good luck!

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    Sep 2005
    i talked with a service manager named arnold tamayo of honda makati setting my expectations at worst coz malabo daw mapalitan ang unit. he was contacted by VP by name of bobby of honda pangasinan to ask for assistance kaya tinawagan ako kahapon

    he was very pleasant and conversation went well, we both agreed that the problem (as per the evaluation and warranty report of their service consultant) came from windsheild (sa likod) water sealant. it was defective which caused the strong leak.

    immediate solution was to replace it but then i argued and disagreed with that. he says it is attributed in the "workmanship" of the unit, since the rubber did not dry effectively. my only point is, warranty is applied if after releasing the unit the problem is incurred, factory defect--the problem is already there right even before i released the unit. i deserve to receive a brand new unit, not a lemon unit.

    as per arnold's notes and comments: "it's impossible that honda replace or change units, in his 25 yrs of experience HONDA does not change units"

    (i dont know if this is true or not but he actually stated and made it look like they dont care if i pursue my request and even go to legal matters.)

    Plus, there are a lot of issues in changing unit kaya daw mahirap ma-process ang request na yun, he also stated that may complications sa LTO kpag change unit ang nangyayari though he did not specify kung ano ang hassle sa LTO.

    malabo daw ma-apply ang lemon dito, at kahit lemon they wont replace it. im really disappointed and i feel i've been deceived by this sale. had i known the car was defective, hindi ko na ito ni-release.

    im not after anything, i dont wish to get something from honda which is not just, all i want is a "brandnew" car without any defects. yun lng gus2 ko, i think 660k is worth that, dont u agree?

    guys, i really need your help and advise on what steps to undertake further. anyone who knows any provisions that is in the law that can help me push this thru. its really unfair getting a lemon vehicle and forcing me to accept that and deal with it, its not right.

    what is i had a restaurant, tpos customer ko cla (honda), tapos pinkain ko ng "panis" na pagkain, they paid and i didnt replace their food, anong mararamdaman nila? thats what i feel/.

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    Sep 2005
    #25 suggestion is.. look for the branch manager..the highest person u can talk to.. that's what i did..bagong bili ko city dati.. ingay ng dashboard.. had problem with the window too. the dashboard.. sucks!! 5 times ako bumalik.. pinaayos ko ng pinaayos.. tapos.. everytime na pinasok ko ung unit.. they lend me service car.. para may magamit ako.. then.. nag ask din ako for unit change.. they said no at first.. but then i said.. d niyo maayos.. palitan niyo.. well.. at the end.. i think they had someone from plant to fix the dashboard.. and naging ok na naman.. kulitin mo lang.. tapos ung pinaka mataas kausapin mo agad.. he/she should help u get approval for unit change talaga.. ipapa approve lang nila.. hope that helps..

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    Sep 2005
    This is so sad....

    Lost customer k na for your next cars kng di nila palitan yan... similar n nangyari yan sa ilang kakilala ko but diff brand.... for their next car di n nila kinonsider ung brand n un kahit pa magaganda perks na inoffer which created a chain reaction sa ibang kakilala niya kc top priority nila is comfort and peace of mind which clearly you don't have coz of the problem pati ako natakot maginquire man lang...

    maybe if you had their email addresses email them your issue tapos cc mo mga motoring magazines... maybe it may work...

    Escalate e ka nga...

    Sana wag mangyari yan sa akin coz if it does... ung next cars ko bka out na Honda...

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    Sep 2003
    Sell the unit and get another brand.

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    Sep 2004
    Honda seems to be forgetting that they are "NO LONGER NO. 1" in the country. Enhusiasts na lang bumibili ng mga auto nila. What they should at least do is make their EXISTING and NEW customers happy - at most times, especially new car owners.

    I feel bad for you, Viper. But agree with the posters here. Document the complaint and talk to the boss of the boss, of the boss you are being referred to. Kapag wala nangyari, return the unit and get a refund. And tell them you will make sure, NONE of the people you know WILL EVER BUY a HONDA because of what happened to you.

    I myself had a very bad experience at Alabang dealership (simple maintenance & repair) recently. Suggest you avoid that service center, too. Magallanes is better.

    Goodluck sa iyo. Minsan talaga, nakakawala gana yang Honda.

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    Mar 2005
    From viper's description it seems his leak is in the same place as mine's:

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    Mar 2005
    Viper, can you confirm?

    If the defect is in the exact same spot then I wouldn't be surprised if more Honda Cities are affected by this...

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