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    Jul 2009
    Honestly, do yourself a favor and look for a stock civic

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    Apr 2004
    comparing a civic to an accord is like comparing a cefiro with a sentra. malayo sila.

    my suggestion is you go econobox na lang: civic.

    midsize cars, like the cefiro you previously owned, and the accord, belong to a different class of driver, with different tastes and priorities (and bank accounts) in life, than say, 29 year old call center jockeys. in short, they're not for everyone. but the civic is.

    i've owned nearly all models of civic, save for the latest, FD. i will probably never buy a honda again... medyo bad experience ako dun sa na-ondoy ko na LXi (ang hirap paandarin), medyo maarte pa sa fluids. also, be aware na civics released prior to 1999 ARE NOT compatible with E10 fuel. there's an advisory, search ko lang. why they're not compatible, kahit pareho lang sila ng makina ng 1999, i dont really know. honda phil didnt elaborate.

    lastly, i disagree with A/T trannies being less reliable than M/Ts. kung alaga sa fluid, parang makina ng kotse, matagal buhay ng A/T. makaka 5 palit ka na ng clutch sa M/T cars, buo pa yung automatic.

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