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    Oct 2002
    No one really knows the difference between variants (except car guys) so expect prices to be roughly equal. More dependent on the condition of the vehicle itself rather than the variant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by number001 View Post
    Due to the nature of the VTEC engine, it would get an extra boost in the upper ranges of the RPM.

    Btw, the VTEC engine for the 96-97 Accord was 2.2li (VTI) while the non vtec engine was only a 2.0li (EXI). As expected, the higher displacement engine will gorge more fuel.
    AFAIK, the 5th Gen Accords (94-97) had 3 variants:

    EXI & EXI Premiere - 2.0li non-VTEC engines (but the Premiere edition had
    gold decals)

    VTi - 2.0li VTEC engine (came in both MT & AT), chrome window trim. (not 2.2li)

    VTi-S - 2.2li VTEC engine, slanted-star magwheels, rear spoiler, front & side
    skirts and Accord 20th Anniversary badge (I'm a proud owner!).
    Halos lahat ng nakita ko matic, bihira or wala ata MT version nito

    Yung VTi-L variant is only applicable to the 1998 model (6th Gen.) upwards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galactus View Post
    AFAIK, the 5th Gen Accords (94-97) had 3 variants:

    VTi - 2.0li VTEC engine (came in both MT & AT), chrome window trim. (not 2.2li)

    My friend used to have a 96 Accord Vti and it had a 2.2li VTEC engine.

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    Nov 2006
    I think this will correct some errors posted earlier.I currently drive the 96 accord's what I know:

    EXi and EXi Premier - 2.0L non-VTEC engines (PH20), all powered, fabric seats. Premier models were released only on 1997, with gold-colored emblems. Manual and auto tranny.

    VTi - 2.2L VTEC SOHC engine (PH22), all powered, with leather seats. Both at manual and auto tranny. Leather ang center console box and door trims, and with wood-look trim sa dashboard, and interior door trims.

    VTi-S and VTi-S Premier - 2.2L VTEC SOHC engine (PH22) same as VTi. The difference is at the trimming. just like Galactus said, slanted star mags (size 15), skirts and spoiler, but no chrome linings at the door area. Available with Manual and auto tranny. Naka fabric seats lang din and no wood trim sa dashboard, interior door handles at sa power window control area. Fabric lang din trim ng center console box and door trim. VTi-S premium was released only on 1997 models, with gold emblems, and i think may special floor mats pa.

    Mas sports variant ang VTi-S, and mas mura kaysa sa VTi. All the parts ng VTi that shows luxury was removed, instead linagyan ng exterior mods to show the 'S' sa VTi-S.

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    Nov 2006
    I have a friend who also drives a 94 accord EXi. We compared gas consumptions using a 96 accord vti. it turned out that the 2.2L vtec engine is more thrifty (although not that much) than the 2.0L non-VTEC.

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    the features that you mentioned for the VTi is actually the specs of the VTi-L.

    the VTi is bare except that it has woodtrims, but seats and door trims were fabric. also the VTi-L has power adjustable seats.

    yes, the VTi-S was short lived model.

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94-98 Accord Variants?