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    Quote Originally Posted by TheUninvited View Post
    Not digging the new one. Yung front may fake exhausts?

    Many features regressed, like they went again with incandescent rear turn signals, not fully digital cluster, and many more.

    Also, the Civic/CR-V/HR-V basically has the same interiors, and yung long hood design, ugh.
    Except for the fake exhaust (which is obviously for aesthetics only), Honda copied a lot of the design ideas that Mazda has been doing for a long time with their Skyactiv formula.

    Not having a full digital dashboard cluster can be a good thing. I actually prefer the analog style with the digital parts used only for certain driving info only. Mazda knows this really well.

    Long hood, that's actually what makes a car very s.e.x.y and sleek when viewed from the side angle!

    Similar interior design queues for various car models for a brand comes with good sense of keeping things neat and tidy. Consistent styling gives a brand a strong identity (e.g. Apple products).

    Honda finally realized simplicity in design appeals to a wide variety of car owners.

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