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    Jun 2010
    naku nung una sarap na sarap ako... dun sa may taguig... pero lately yan na mga ipis naglabasan sa mga wares nila... grabeng yaki!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by armscor40 View Post
    Sandwich Guy >>>>>> Badwitch Lie!!! unethical business...tsk,tsk

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    Jul 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by BratPAQ View Post
    but seriously, would you guys still buy from sandwich guy store after reading this, whether the story is true or not? i wouldnt, di na ko magbabakasakali na di totoo itong kwento.
    i've seen a branch of this sa ortigas dun sa lasapin food court 24 hours. no thanks heheh kahit malinis pa sila or victim lang sila

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    Feb 2006
    bukas paba sila? parang type ko makatikim ng exotic

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    Jan 2004
    Funny, i just managed to read about this now. This incident should serve as a warning about how not to handle a case like this. I actually had a similar case when I was still in my college days in UP diliman wherein I was eating a sausage until I reached a part of it with insect eggs. I immediately returned the item to the restaurant and had it replaced with ham.

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    Jun 2009
    yak. may issue na ganyan na rin dito sa sandwich guy CG1 Pioneer.. may paa ng ipis

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    Aug 2010
    I noticed a colorless, liquefied matter on top of the veggies. I thought that it was melted cheese or mayonnaise! It appeared luscious so in the middle of my chomping I slurped it!
    Umpisa iba nasa utak ko eh something even more dreadful than phlegm maybe


    Well, there are both stories out. But with all due respect, I'm gonna side with the customer rather than the restaurant. DNA testing on the sandwich bun? WTF?

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    Oct 2007
    *TSG pls explain regarding what happened with the CCTV to clear your name once and for all

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    Aug 2010
    spectator mode na lang sana ko sa thread na to when nakita ko post ni "j_komyuter".

    Pareho tayo ng experience sir, sa taguig sa may mckinley hill...dami ipis nga!...dati dun kami madalas kumain after jogging sa boni hi street...after seeing the roaches in TSG mckinley hill...di na kami bumalik dun.

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    Jan 2005
    From The Sandwich Guy to THE SANDWICH BOY............cot.

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    Jul 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by cati168 View Post
    Hey i also have a food business! and it's very easy to discredit a certain company! i can just go to any jollibee or mcdo's and tell the people ey i found a cockroach, rat or worm on my burger! sorry ah, naalala ko lang kasi na may ganito na ding ngyari sa kin at hinihingan ako ng 50K ng di ko binigay nag papunta ng media na pinsan buo nya! so I'm sorry, but i'm with the sandwich guy here! Food are being prepared before your eyes diba? so pano mo di makikita na nilagyan ng plema? at may lasa ba yun? kung ginagawa sa ibang resto yun like jolibee or mcdo DI MADAMI NA SIGURO TAYO NAKAIN NA PLEMA! lalo na di naman natin nakikita pano nila hinahanda yun! For me this is very lame! at di tama na gawin mong forum ang internet para sa ganyan! if you want justice you go to courts.. Then you get paid.. diba?
    hit and run ito ah....

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