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    Aug 2004
    Uhmmm... like I've pointed out, modern barriers (like the one that saved redorange's life... ) aren't that expensive. They're the same as our local ones, concrete and steel, only they're contoured to deflect impact instead of absorbing it (an energy absorbing barrier is what would cost millions of pesos).

    Otherwise, it's an academic argument, because they're obviously not going to change anything. Even the supposedly fully-modernized NLEX still uses the old-type barriers in many places.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jun 2006
    If it's that cheap (since it's only a shape formation), it makes me wonder what on earth the engineers have been smoking not to implement such important safety design.

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by IMm29 View Post
    Hmmm... given that the Picanto is much shorter and smaller than the Trooper, i would think that its driver and passengers would worry more about being crushed against the barrier than falling over it.

    But anyhow, the drainage system and the barriers should be under close scrutiny. In a downpour, water does accumulate at some places on the skyway, and it takes some time for those puddles to dissipate. Though flood control is something impossible to implement in most parts of the Philippines, it's something that has to work for our toll-imposed highways (SLEX, Skyway, NLEX). This is not to say we can drive above the posted speed limits, and recklessly at that, however, it's still a requirement from PNCC.

    As to the barriers, well, they should keep the vehicles driving on the Skyway, on the Skyway. So if they're supposedly up to "international standards", then these standards should be revisited. Just like in the case of 9/11, wherein "international standards" of aviation security had to be tightened as they were too lax.
    You can scrutinize the drainage system to hell and high heavens but at some point puddles will form in any road. The freeways here have puddles all the time when it rains hard, even when the drains are cleared regularly, the key is to drive according to the conditions of the road at the time. You don't need a puddle to aquaplane just a sheet of water covering the road.

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    May 2006
    so driver error then? was he practicing defensive driving?

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    Aug 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by scarab View Post
    ...eto na

    Is the Skyway above the law?
    BACKSEAT DRIVER By James Deakin
    The Philippine STAR 10/18/2006

    ....The driver of the Fortuner was on the leftmost lane of the Skyway heading southbound, just before the merging point of the Magallanes on ramp when he hit a [SIZE="5"]large, deep pool of standing water[/SIZE]. The Toyota aquaplaned and started spinning counter clockwise...
    eto po yung sinasabi kong puddle. kung ayos po ang maintenance ng PNCC at hindi clogged ang drainage system, wala pong "deep, large pool of standing water" sana dun sa specific spot na yun. my point is, kung wala etong puddle, naganap kaya yung aksidente? nagtatanong lang po...

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    Aug 2004
    Defensive driving? After he started aquaplaning, he was probably just hanging on for his life...

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Horsepower View Post
    He simply doesn't wanna bite the hands that feed him. hehe

    ang tagal tagal na ng skyway, under all things equal (no idiot drivers), it's good.

    While the railings are US spec, and failed with that incident that overwhelmed its specs, it shouldn't be blamed solely on PNCC. He should have blamed his boss first for his bad judgement of road conditions while speeding that killed and hurt a lot of people. I would blame PNCC if the Skyway itself had bad pavement or fell a section or something. Afterall, cars are supposed to run on the road, not on the railings.
    I agree. there's no such thing as a nature-proof infrastructure even if ISO-certified pa yan. hell, not even the people behind ISO are nature-proof.

    mediang-media talaga dating, as expected yan writer friend na yan.

    when it rains hard, slow down. if you cant slow down abruptly coz somebody might hit you at the back and cause a pile-up, slow down gradually ... use your lights, use your wits. but REDUCE STEPPING ON THE ACCELERATOR! .

    common sense, kung butas-butas ang skyway, mabilis pa sa 5 segundo, ubos ang tubig dyan.

    I live in Ortigas and I have witnessed countless huge downpours sa ADB Ave.. ADB Ave. can be considered a specially maintained road for a lot of VIP foreigners work in ADB. no power/ electrical lines above (all underground). drainage systems even the road itself are cleaned twice or thrice a day. pero pag bumagsak ang sobrang lakas na ulan, naiipon pa din ang tubig! and it TAKES TIME for water to recede.

    maybe these media guys should stop writing and start observing how nature works. and maybe they'll understand a thing or two that there is no such thing as a perfect system when subjected to the wrath of nature!

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    May 2006
    well what i mean is if he practiced defensive driving he should have slowd down because of the rain, and i dnt think it was his first time to drive on the skyway, so he would have known that trafic from the ground was merging at that point. which should hav given the driver more incentive to drive defensively, because knowing the way the majority of filipinos drive, right of way is non existend in this country....

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    Oct 2006
    D ko m getz sabi sa INQ7.Net trooper daw tumama sa fortuner that cause the accident, or the other way around?

    Advice to people who will encounter wet roads

    "If you are far from the Car, person, intersection in front of you,Use early breaks specially when you are approaching them"

    -Breaking on a dry Road is different on a wet Road.

    *One Second of Stupidity can change your Whole Lifetime.

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    Jul 2006
    strange... i was just browsing c! magazine's website kenneth quintal's name is not included anymore in the behind c! section... maybe he's fired?

Vehicle falls from Skyway; 4 injured