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    waaaaaaaa nahihilo na ako sa mga binabasa ko.

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    seatbelt na lahat ng sakay. 1st row, 2nd row, and 3rd row

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    parehong 160hp, parehong nagkasubukan.... sa ulan pa!!! I wonder what James Deakin & the C! Mag crew will say about the stupidity & arrogant driving of their boss,..tsk tsk tsk,.. baka i-feature nya pa sa 'Counterflow' page yan sa C! Mag.,... kahiya-hiya yan for an automotive journalist that took very irresponsible driving,... how unlucky for him, the Trooper driver and for the jeepney w/ a passenger who died bcoz of those morons!!!

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    How can a trooper be hit directly from behind, by a slowing (spinning) fortuner who was behind him, and still fall down the skyway? Does this mean the trooper didn't even brake on impact?

    Teka, was the area / incident on a bend??

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    [size=4]*oldblue[/size]: Please think very carefully before you post... you do NOT know EXACTLY what happened, and you are stating your speculations as fact. This is very misleading to other people reading this thread. You were not there, so don't make any assumptions.

    [size=4]*rayban7g[/size]: Read the entire thread first. (NAKAKAHILO NANG SABIHIN ITO EVERY SINGLE PAGE!!!!!!) They weren't street racing. This was speculation on the radio and was not repeated again after preliminary investigation.

    And don't assume any cover-ups. With the cut-throat factionalism within our media, whichever TV station Quintal or his friends DON'T work for will find a way to hype up his supposed recklessness. No one has done so yet, so it's fair to assume, for the moment, that it was a freak occurence.

    [size=4]*BlueBimmer[/size]: Can you describe the simulation for the rest of us who didn't watch? I still can't picture exactly how it happened (from the photos of the vehicles) either.

    EDIT: If Mr. Quintal is indeed innocent of any wrong-doing, kawawa siya... a lot of people will still see him as a murderer... being well-known sucks.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazdamazda View Post
    From where did you get the info that he slammed his brakes while his vehicle was experiencing hydroplaning?
    i believe he did bec. nag-spin daw sya eh. if at low speed, dont brake. let the car hit the wall of water. at high-speed sa panic mapapa-break ka na talaga sa takot, pero it's useless na din yan.

    AFAIK most were only giving realistic scenarios / causes why the Fortuner spun. Blantantly accusing another person of being "bobo" is another thing based on a few assumptions.
    kasama pa sa exam ng driver's license not to slam on breaks when you hit water on pavement. unless di nya ti-nake yun

    Are you 100% sure about that?

    I can think of other more causes that can induce a spin:
    - the Fortuner hits a patch of fluid (might be motor oil, ATF, veggie oil etc.) from another vehicle
    - the driver is not aware that his vehicle is hydroplaning already (very likely if you are travelling in a straight line) and hits his brake to slowdown before a puddle
    - the AWD system of the Fortuner malfunctioned after some of the tires lost traction
    all of which if he were not speeding, hindi aabot sa ganun case. malamang binangga lang nya trooper, and they ended hugging each other sa railing. napakatinding force yun paliparin yun trooper sa tulay.

    now basing sa nagsabi dito na 80kph yun Fortuner pero 100kph+ yun Trooper kaya lumipad. how in the hell na maabutan ng 80kph car yun 100kph car? hindi naman nasa hulihan yun trooper, accdg to the driver.

    i drive an elevated diesel kasi sir *mazdamazda, kaya I somehow know. and I also know na kapag nag-over ako ng 80, I have to upgrade na my level of consciousness sa road. if running 40kph to 80kph, kaya ko pa mag-drive relaxed, makipagusap, or mag-isip ng ibang bagay, kapag over 80, full concentration na yan. even if I have a passenger na nakikipagusap at 90kph, ni hindi ko lilingonin yun. pero this person, may ulan na nga and heavy and he admits na nasa 80kph pa sya. so irresponsible.

    I once hit a man at 60kph at a 4-lane highway. If I were anywhere faster than that, isang pitik ko lang sa manibela, yari yun kasunod ko or yari ako. and guess what, never ko 'to naiisip at the time of the accident. bec. it all happened so fast! so freaky! even at 60kph.

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    oldblue: Before making any accusations KNOW THE FACTS FIRST. You DO NOT KNOW WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED. Your already making accusations without any proof or hard evidence.

    Read your previous post, you're making baseless accusations without any shred of evidence of the incident. where you there when it happened? or did you even bother to research or read the newspaper? You don't even read his articles. Geez man...

    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue
    me I experienced it also with a strada pickup, slightly lower than the fortuner but higher ground clearance than most vehicles. the thing is medyo bobo itong mediaman na'to to slam on the breaks while hydroplaning at 80kph or below. more than that kahit i-accelerate pa nya yan or i-break, too late na.

    he doesnt practice what he preach and it clearly shows na he doesnt know anything he is writing about, if ever may article sya about this.

    80kph is not that fast for a diesel pickup or forutner. madali pa i-control yan, since mabigat ang dala-dala mo. the technique push the accelerator when you hit the water para kumapit sa road, kaya pa pigilin ng tubig yan kasi mag-splash sa front mo. but more than 80kph, I dont think so.

    kung 80kph using a civic, medyo malabo, baka ikaw pa yun lumipad sa railing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    [size=4]*BlueBimmer[/size]: Can you describe the simulation for the rest of us who didn't watch? I still can't picture exactly how it happened (from the photos of the vehicles) either.
    IIRC, picture the fortuner behind the trooper, the fortuner accelerates trying to overtake (probably) the trooper but as the fort gets closer to the rear of the trooper it suddenly spins out of control hitting the trooper's rear quarter which caused the trooper to fishtail and slam the barrier, therefore falling down the skyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer View Post
    based on the simulated video shown on tvpatrol, the trooper was in front of the fortuner, i think hindi ata napansin agad ng trooper yung fort.
    that explains the spin, sa likod tama ng fortuner.

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    Aug 2004
    *Bluebimmer: So it was the side fo the Fortuner that hit the Trooper? What is the damage in the rear from? Hitting the railing afterwards?

    Did they estimate speed? From the front of the Trooper (if it indeed went front first over the railing), it was probably only going around 60 km/h or so by the time it hit the cement barrier.

    RE: *oldblue: I'm sorry, I know you have issues about speeding because of the death of a relative (is that right? I think it was you who posted it before), but we shouldn't jump to conclusions until we know the facts.

    Unless the person involved is Vandolph. If he's involved, he's probably guilty. Hehe...


    Thus, according to the recreation, Quintal wasn't on the brakes. But we still need to know their estimated speeds. Like I've said before, I see lots of people mistakenly going 80-100 km/h in the rain in SUVs (my cousin almost died from hydroplaning on the SLEX before... big mistake not to buy fresh tires...), and while it's not illegal or homicidally stupid, it's still stupid.

    Ey, by the way, when I say the Trooper doesn't look like it hit the barrier at more than 60 km/h, this is from experience... my cousin impacted a tree at high speed (even after spinning out), and the damage was much much greater than that.

    Bad luck for both drivers that it happened the way it did.


    With SUVs nowadays being so good on the highway, able to drive like cars, maneuver like cars, and accelerate like cars, I guess it's too easy for us to forget that they're not cars. Again, wake up call for us all.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

Vehicle falls from Skyway; 4 injured