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    Feb 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue View Post
    people who believe in this bullshit never met an accident pa or just plain daredevil. there is counter argument to this silly rule: haste makes waste.
    Hindi naman sir. Dapat, as in all things, all possible factors should have been taken into consideration.

    1.) 80 km/h in the rain is car speed. The Fortuner is already, by SUV standards, taller than it is wider... a high center of gravity = less stability.

    2.) Giant SUV tires = bad wet performance. When it rains, it's better to go narrow. If you don't, then slow down.

    3.) AUV (let's face it) suspension. This ain't no sport set-up baby, so don't drive it like one.

    4.) Puddles mean slow down! If visibility is down, slow down.

    It's not that difficult, is it?

    Now, if he were driving one of 'em snow rally Evos... (being alert of item # 4)punch it baby!

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by vicoyski View Post
    Ako, I'd prefer na may takip ang mukha ko, if this happened to me. It is not something to be proud of talaga.
    Ako din kung mangyari sakin yan papatakpan ko din mukha ko. Pero ang issue dito bakit yong ibang involve hindi natakpan ang mukha. Dapat lahat may takip ang mukha.Sabagay kung ikaw naman ang binanga ok lang siguro.

    Quote Originally Posted by Syuryuken View Post

    Siya yung pinakita kaninang umaga napanood ko to sa Unang Hirit. Sinabi pa nga nyang hindi nya tatakbuhan financial obligation sa mga biktima.
    Ganyan talaga agad ang sasabihin mo lalo na kung alam mo na kapos sa pera ang mga victim. Pero paano na yong mga naiwan? Baka may mga nag-aaral pa? Sana wag lang hangang sa libing ang sagutin nya. Kelangan talaga ingat kita mo laking gastos nyan imbis na ikaw nag-eenjoy ng kita mo mapupunta pa sa iba.

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by vicoyski View Post
    Uy, may nagbibilang... Trooper ba binibilang mo pati?

    Check-out the pic. A passenger at the 3rd row would still be safe... The glass didn't break, eh... Wouldn't you say the rear crumple zone did its job?
    Trooper kasi first time for me to read a post being involved sa accident. As for the pic, the trooper's crumple zone I believe did its job. I just don't know if Fortuner's crumple zone will if he's the one who fell. Meron ba noon ang Fortuner? Sorento alam ko meron eh. Ma research ko nga to mamaya

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    Jul 2006
    i agree witht he other posters. Let's not be quick to judge. If he was driving at 60-80kph, hydroplaning would have been possible pa rin. I have experienced it at 80kph (bottom of katipunan flyover). So if Quintal was driving with the limit, and not swerving..then what happened was purely an accident.

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    Jun 2006
    If it's raining and the pavement is wet, it's intelligent to slow down regardless of speed limit.
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    Jul 2006
    Teka, why is everybody bashing the Fortuner when the Trooper was the one who hit the Fortuner and got out of control and fell off onto the jeepney?

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    Jun 2006
    mbeige: Please read the news again.

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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by lightning099 View Post
    Mukhang first time ito...

    An Isuzu trooper slammed into a Toyoto Fortuner causing the trooper to hit the railing and plunge from the Skyway, said Orly Lanuza of the Philippine National Construction Corporation Traffic Monitoring Center.
    Quote Originally Posted by sean jedi View Post
    From TVpatrol:

    apparently nagspin daw yung fortuner because of the rains. umikot at natamaan ang trooper
    Quote Originally Posted by karl88 View Post
    From iGMA7 website:

    Doctors interviewed by dzBB radio quoted Danlag as saying that he was sideswiped by a Toyota Fortuner sport utility vehicle.
    HP, I didn't read the rest of the pages. I just based my reply on the first post. I wonder why the images did not show damages on the vehicle sides? Bakit may tama rin yung Fortuner sa likod?

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    Aug 2004
    It's easy to judge if you weren't there or if you don't know the situation.

    Please, people, [size=4]read the entire thread.[/size]

    It wasn't Kenneth Quintal who wrote the controversial column about speed, that was Hernan. Yeah, it was controversial, he received a lot of mail about it.

    Both the Trooper driver and the Fortuner driver claim they were going 80 km/h.

    The speed limit of the Skyway is between 60-100 km/h... I could be wrong... the regular highway is 60-100, I can't remember, but I think I've seen signs saying 80-100 on the Skyway.

    Yes, Quintal should have known to slow down in the rain, but they were purportedly going at legal speeds at the time. They were doing nothing illegal, just not particularly advisable.

    Stupid? Yes. But it's not homicidally stupid, it's a common mistake of SUV drivers, as I see hundreds of SUV and AUV drivers driving at 80 km/h in the rain whenever I'm out.

    Wake up call also for car-makers. I'm seeing lots and lots of cheap tires on new cars... so we spend extra for seatbelts, airbags and crumple zones, but the most important safety equipment on the car is the tires.

    If you buy a 1.6 million peso vehicle, you kind of expect the tires to hold up to hydroplaning at such speeds.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Very well said.

Vehicle falls from Skyway; 4 injured