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    Dec 2006
    Ok yung motorsiklo na yun ha. Has the guts to bump a car. Tanggal pa yung bumper ng binunggo nya. unbelievable

    Anyway, totoo man o hindi. Ingat pa rin dyan.

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    Feb 2005
    Kung totoo man o hindi, anything is possible sa atin... only in the Philippines

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    Aug 2006
    may pulis sa kanto ng c5-makati kalayaan flyover. next checkpoint is just after the ovaltine plant, or in mini's. 3rd checkpoint would be near eastwood in libis.

    another checkpoint is when you turn right to calle industria before eastwood.

    there's also a checkpoint underneath the bagong ilog-c5 flyover.

    if you take service road going to marikina instead of the floyever to katipunan, there's an army barracks to the right.

    parang hinde credible yung story for me, kase i drive through c5 5 days every week, and twice a week i go home late passing through there. and more often than not these checkpoints are always in place.

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    Jul 2006
    doble ingat na lang po at saka always lock you doors

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    Oct 2005
    sana hinabol nya yung motor na bumangga, then yun ang binaliktad nya i-HIT and RUN... nabangga ka tas hindi huminto, ogags!
    ingats ingats na lang sa lahat.

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    Aug 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by archangel_1911 View Post
    since the crew and security guard of the said gasoline station is aware of that modus operandi, how come theres no police in sight? Dapat yan may mga nakadeploy dyan para maprevent yang ganyang masamang gawain. Very bad naman yang experience mong yan.
    c5 is my usual route and hopefully sana walang mangyaring ganyan sa kin. about the policemen, parati ko clang nakikita i think mga around 10 pm na naka park sa may petron( after ng caltex yun) at sa may madilim na kanto papasok ng isang village basta iyo yung kanto before ka lumiko papunta dun sa may bridge papuntang stella mariz.

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    Aug 2006
    medyo nakakatakot talaga yan ano kaya kung magpagawa ako ng mga metal spikes sa mga mambabakal just for my protection once may ma encounter akong ganyang situation. cguro naman matutunugan mo nang modus before ka pang bangain kc majority ng mga mc riders ay mga di marunong mag menor at pumreno basta tuloy tuloy lang yan, so kapag medyo nagkukumpulan sa likod mo, medyo kakatakot na yan so kapag ginawa nila sa kin yan ihahagis ko na sa window ko yung mga metal spikes ewan ko lang kung makasunod pa yung mga iyon

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    Oct 2002
    may mga area kse sa C5 na mejo madilim and madalang ang establishments sa mga gilid, konting ingat na lang pag dumadaan sa area na yan, always make sure na locked lahat ng doors and have your cellphones ready just in case...

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    Jul 2006
    One key is that those driving sa C5 should never stop at night. Pag may traffic light I would rather beat the red light if and only if nobody is around and I am doubly sure I am certain of that. Why?

    One time some goons threw broken, cut up umbrella "arms" to my tire. They have this incomplete circle when looked at on the side, and hence kapag bumutas sa gulong tiyak na lalabas ang hangin. A kid approached me and I told him to go away without opening the windows. The stop light actually caused the already deflating tire to go flat. Luckily my friend who I was following came back as I called him and aided me in replacing the tire a few meters away from the stop light. I had my wrench ready in case anybody got close, and my phone on the ready too. The same kid got close, and I told him sternly to back off and not take a single step more. He saw the wrench and that was enough for him to know I was serious.

    Luckily the repair was done quickly because there were three of us and I helped alternately while the other was looking out, so off we went home and I bought a brand new tire as a spare the next day. The "spikes" punctured the treads of the tire, as well as the sidewall, on two or three spots. I did not feel it because I was still moving when it happened, and the steering only felt heavier when I stopped, when all the air had escaped. That's why I said if you're running away from somebody and you are certain it is safe to cross, do not stop at the stop lights at night if you have any hint that your tires are compromised. Actually do not stop if you have any hint that any part of your vehicle is compromised. This is to keep the air inside as the wheels are still spinning. Avoid braking or slowing down, try to maintain a constant speed until you are somewhere safe and far away from the danger zone. Do not even attempt to call the police, I'm sure they will not be there on time. Best to rely on close friends who can immediately arrive.

    Most important thing of all is to drive in places you're familiar with at night, and avoid any spots you're uncertain of. That was my biggest mistake, C5 isn't as familiar to me especially when you deviate from the main highway. I just followed that friend of mine since galing kami Makati to drop off a friend.

    If you are being followed, keep driving but away from your destination or home. That way they cannot follow you home, so drive to some place you are also familiar with and see if you can lose him there. Once you know you're clear drive straight home, but keep looking in your mirrors to see if he managed to find you or not. If you see unfamiliar lights slow down and let them pass, maybe it's just another motorist. Make yourself random and unpredictable, that's the best way to escape.

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