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    May 2006
    Mga bro, been meaning to ask this for a long time. Wala kasi sa mga friends ko ang makapag sabi kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng "Do not Delay". Madalas makita mo ito sa mga trak. "Gov't project, do not delay" or "Perishable goods, do not delay".

    Ano ba talaga ang ibig sabihin nito? Are they excempted from some road rules and regulations?

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    Jul 2006
    haha you know what, i've been thinking about that for the longest time too. although feeling ko wala naman exemptions yan, it's probably just a case of the truck company having too much paint and running out of things to do with it

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    Aug 2004
    If it's food delivery, then there's a good reason for that... to prevent spoilage.

    But a lot of trucks have it, so most people don't pay any particular attention to the signs.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    they are exempted from the mmda number coding scheme and the truck ban.

    all government vehicles, especially that of the DPWH and LGU public works offices, with corresponding plate number series, are exempted from the truck ban and mvvrp. also included in the exemption are all police, military, emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances, vehicles owned/hired/commandeered by government to transport relief goods or being used for national security or civil defense (e.g., private vehicle comandeered in pursuit of criminals), and those owned or hired by the department of education for transporting educational materials.

    also those private vehicles that transport perishable goods (read: food stuff such as fresh vegetables, fresh meat, semi-processed foods that will spoil, ice and ice cream, etc.) can also get an exemption from the mmda by filing for an exemption. they then paint that on their trucks so that the mmda and slex/nlex will allow them to pass even during the coding or truck ban hours.

    included also are private vehicles that are owned by media companies with the name of the company explicitly painted on the sides of the vehicles (e.g., abs-cbn, dzrh). vehicles used to transport newspapers are also exempted. there is also an exemption granted to vehicles owned by courier companies for transport of their packages (fedex, dhl, jrs express, lbc). all service vehicles of pldt, meralco and the water companies are also exempted. tanker trucks carrying potable water for distribution to residences, and tankers carrying fuels (gasoline, diesel, lpg, kerosene and jet fuels) are also eligible for the exemption. these private vehicles must apply for the exemption with the mmda to be able to enjoy such privelage, and a copy of the exemption must be visibly displayed on the windshield at all times. there is a corresponding penalty for displaying the "xxx do not delay" sign if the said vehicle does not have an exemption or a copy of the exemption displayed.

    yung mga vehicles na meron nakalagay na "media" sa windshield iba naman yun. that is pure anarchy being practised by media people.

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    Sep 2004
    very informative sir. thanks :D

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    Oct 2002
    Yung 'DO NOT DELAY' ginagamit din ng iba na 'panangga' against kotong cops. Just like saying 'di tayo talo dahil pareho tayong tiga-gobyerno'.
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    Aug 2003
    sa akin, I disregard them. I don't move aside just so that they can have the roads to themselves. The only vehicles that I move to the side are policecars, ambulances and firetrucks with their sirens on. If their sirens and lights are not on, they wait in line just like the rest of us. For those who use sirens and blinkers but are not any of the mentioned type, I don't move aside, notwithstanding if they have diplomatic or political plates, unless there is a motorcop accompanying them. What more if they have that do not delay sign. Delay from traffic will not cause their meats to deteriorate, or the mail to be that delayed, or their sand and gravel delivery to be that late to cause major construction delays.

    All of them has to follow rules like the rest of us. period.

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    Oct 2002
    The Do Not Delay sign is not intended for other motorists. It is intended for enforcement agencies. Police, MMDA, local units to not inconvenience the vehicle anymore (e.g. on random checkpoints).

    Namimili din naman kasi ng paparahin ang mga pulis, smoke-belch check, etc.

    Yung mga Do Not Delay pinapalusot naman nila unless mahina talaga ang kita. hahaha.
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    May 2004
    really informative. ang alam ko lang yung sa perishable goods. thanks sir yebo.

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    May 2006
    Salamat Sir Yebo, informative talaga. I just hope di na-abuse ito.

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True meaning of "Do not Delay"