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    Quote Originally Posted by stelvio
    I knew this was racket that should have been reported here at tsikot, but i later found out the fortea's grandchild had a heart problem and been incurring huge medical bills and had a more forgiving stance
    even if they have ten grandchildren with heart problems, that would not be justifiable for them to buy carnapped vehicles from carjackers/carnappers.....

    para saan pa ang batas kung ganoon na lang.....if proven guilty, i hope they all go to jail

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    Jul 2003
    may tawag dyan.."the end does not justify the means". pero before passing on remarks, let us wait for the facts, not rumors.

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    Oct 2006
    I even remember seeing this shop on tv on makisig channel in dominic ochoa's full throttle/mad about wheels. He even is interested in acquiring an old school celica na nakatambak lang tapos right-hand drive pa. They have old school cars as per what I've seen sa show like an sr-5 corolla 2dr a/t which they even have the owner of the shop and the show's lady guest to drive around the neigborhood. A Mitsubishi 74 colt na mukang running condition, and of coarse a couple of new cars being restored. So shocking talaga if that is their "under the table transactions". And yes they should be arrested even if one of the family members are sick. Ano yun palagi nalang ba ganun ang excuse pag nabubuko ang mga illegal activities, they have choices/options in a way that they dont have to do this stuff but they made their choice so face the consequences.

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    This thread has been dead for more than 4 years bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazingerZ View Post
    This thread has been dead for more than 4 years bro.
    mukhang scammer yan sir
    dame ng post niyan kanina pa.

    calling for the mods and admin, may violator po!
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suspected talyer ng carnapers sa mandaluyong