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    No one's home but the dog? Time to make your move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickers View Post
    No one's home but the dog? Time to make your move.

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    loads of chocolate.

    if that doesn't poison the dog, he'll be your best friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muse View Post

    i finally saw one of the residents while i was cleaning my car.
    it was a kid in his early teens and another younger child, probably a sibling.

    he walks out to buy something from the sari store a street away and i see the dog wiggle out from under the gate and follows them.
    i stood there waiting for them to return.
    within a few minutes they return and i call out to the kids. the younger kid walks back inside and ignores me and the dog follows, but still the dog tuens back and is still peering out under the gate, watching the older kid and barking while i tell the situation with the dog.
    i told him to tether the dog and leashing it if you walk.

    he complies

    it was all quiet and didn't hear the dog even bark from my room, until a couple weeks later. as i walk to my car and about to start it, their car pulls up to their gate and dog wiggles out

    the dog darts after people walking around and i blared out my horn.
    same situation of the woman driving the car was worried and maid rushes to call in the dog, but still a frightening experience for anyone in the area.

    i told her to hold their dog, but i don't think that maid understood me. she just gives me this confused look like this **** is normal. i had to go somewhere and was late so i just left.

    this happened a few days ago and no one is home again so i'll wait until the end of the holiday.
    The woman driving the car is brainless. Everytime you see her she's worried, but doesn't have the common sense to think about tying up or putting the dog in a cage so it won't slip out. I'd suggest giving them a note about tying up the dog before opening the gate.

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    Kausapin mo siguro ang brgy chairman mo. Dito sa amin masipag yung brgy na manghuli ng stray dog tapos may tubos kapag kukunin. Mercy killing ata kapag walang tumubos.

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    Jun 2009
    YES... barangay muna... mag file ka talaga ng reklamo... pag ayaw tangapin... sabihin mo sya ang kakasuhan mo ng administrative case pag ayaw nyang tangapin ang reklamo. So be sure to get their names and talk to the Chairman, not just a councilor.

    If after the barangay... eh talagang di pa din gina galaw ang aso...

    then I'd go for the other suggestions here... A GOOD THUMPING ON THE DOG'S HEAD will do the trick.

    Kung ayaw pa din... show the owners that you are ready to shoot the dog on the spot if it comes near you. Remember, if you are protecting yourself against a potential bite, then you can defend yourself against the animal cruelty law.

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    naalala ko yung aso ng kapitbahay namin madalas yun nasa labas ng gate at nanghahabol nga mga dumadaan ilan beses na din ako hinabol nun. MInsan papasok ako sa opisina at wala ako kasabay naglakad ako nang makita ko siya nakaabang umuwi ako since mag newyear nun may paputok kami na picolo kumuha ako tapos balik sa paglakad nung makita ko ready to attack na siya stand still na ko at sinindihan ko yun picolo sabay hagis malapit lang sa akin pag attack niya sakto pumutok karipas ng takbo yung aso papalayo sa akin ngaun hindi na ako hinahabol nung aso yung mga ibang nagdadaan na lang nadala ata siya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickers View Post
    No one's home but the dog? Time to make your move.

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    Tama! Gumawa kayo ng maraming tuta. Instant best friend mo na agad the dog! Hehehe. :dog:

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    Jul 2007
    I'm having the same problem with a neighbor's dog. It's a mongrel that's thin enough to squeeze in between the spaces in the gate. It would charge at my fat lab whenever we are walking so I have to turn around!

    My fat lab is very docile and complete strangers can pet her. It makes me furious that I cannot walk her on that part of our street. Our helper already told their helper to please keep their dog from getting loose but it seems like nothing has changed.

    I've been wondering as well why there's always poop on the grass outside our house when I don't see any loose dogs on our street. So I now I know the culprit. How very irresponsible My Auntie said if I see the dog poop, to transfer the poop in front of the owner's house

    What can I do to stop the dog from charging at us? I am afraid it might attack me or my fat lab and I don't think it has shots! My fat lab is still recovering from her recent hospitalization and the last thing I want for her is another injury.

    What are the guns that they use for war games in early 2000? It looks like real guns e. I can borrow my cousin's, I am sure he will never refuse but I don't wanna borrow if it's expensive. Maybe I can use that on the dog, I don't know how to aim nga lang I don't wanna harm the dog really, just enough to scare it away. I don't want to have any tension with our neighbor din kasi.

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    Jun 2005
    sa street namin sa makati madami askal. ginawa na nila teritory yung ilalim ng car namin na naka park sa labas ng gate. everytime sasakay sa kotse either hahabulin kami or mag grrrr sa amin....

    yung owners walang pakialam kahit sinabihan na.

    i called the city pound and guess what i found out... tinanaggalan sila ng budget for dog pounding and catching stray dogs. the budget was transferred to MAPSA for "traffic enforcement"

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    Easy, get a fishing line and hook. Attach a fishing hook to a meter long line. At the hook use adobo for bait, on the other end of the line attach an empty tin can. Place the setup where this dog hangs around. The owner sure will notice this

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