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    Apr 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by smooth View Post
    "the best guard against social tyranny is a clear understanding among individuals what individual liberty is."

    the thing is, hindi naman natin pinagbabawalan magtrabaho ang mga tricycle at jeepney drivers. ang hinihiling lang natin ay magtrabaho sila ng maayos at sumunod sa batas trapiko.

    sa makati area malapit sa may PRC, ang namamasada ng tricycle minsan naka-yellow uniform (MAPSA?) naknampating, e sinong manghuhuli dito kung lumalabag na sa siya sa batas trapiko gayong siya mismo ang dapat humuli?

    eh sir, baka un ang tanging mobil nya. tsaka para iwas kotong, eh mamasada na lang daw sya. at least may pera pa rin papasok sa tiyan niya. legal pa, hehehe... peace

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    Apr 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by jodel View Post
    For residents living(and passing through) the vicinity of SM North Edsa it can be challenging to live in harmony with the 1000 or more tricycles plying the roads of Bago Bantay and Pagasa.

    Try passing by Misamis(the street to Edsa)street in the evening and you'll know what i am talking about! Plus the bright officials have apportioned them a part of the already narrow street which they line up towards their terminal.

    In my past 14 years of living here, i have gone through numerous scrapes and bumps and near 'kuyog' of some of the tricycle drivers here, i sold my 'battle-scarred' to a bigger SUV which offers at least some protection.

    I know of a few honest and clean-living drivers here but majority have developed real bad 'habits' that have emboldened them to form illegal terminals on the smaller roads and harass some motorist(as i have experienced).

    Officials are tolerant of these drivers as they count as voters during elections. I am planning to move out of this community primarily because of this once peaceful community drastically changed for the worse when SM opened here in the mid80's. Imagine the pollution a thousand or more tricycles contribute to such a limited land area.

    Yes, we can be tolerant of some of their bad practices, but only to a certain point!

    +1.. grabe na talaga ngaun jan sa kalyeng iyan. before nung sm north pa lang yan at wala pang annex o the block, kokonti pa ung mga trayk jan at di pa ganun kausok. although may noise pollution na rin, since it is considered at a main road. ngaun eh sobrang ingay na, sobrang mausok pa, sobrang dami na ng sasakyan. lage pa matrapik.

    OT: paps, san ka banda sa misamis?? sa pampanga ako dati nakatira, pero lumipat na kame. pero ung mga kamaganak ko eh sa misamis pa rin sila nakatira. lage kame pumapasyal dun.

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    Oct 2002
    Same case on Main Avenue in Cubao. It's one way but the barangay officials (or whomever) alloted a small lane for Tricycles to go opposite (although there is a parallel road for that).

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    Jan 2005
    Parang mas gusto ko pa nung marcos days, desiplinado mga tao.
    Dati ang mga enforcers talagang alam ang batas. Di pede mag labas ng sasakyan na may motor sa daan kung hindi rehistrado. Di ka pede mag counter flow, pede lang mag counter flow kung alang motor sasakyan mo. Di pede mag caller ng jeep kung saan saan.

    Sa mga park naman hinuhuli mga natutulog pag gabi na - ngayon ko lang nalaman sila pala ung mga holdaper sa university belt sa manila.

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    Nov 2008
    A lot of people starts to realize the discipline imposed by former Pres Marcos which I also agree. Too much freedom ang nangyayari kaya itong mga kolokoy na drivers na ito eh halos wala nang pakialam sa batas na umiiral.

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    Mar 2008
    lesser evil ba ang jeep kaysa ticycle?

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by a3n3as View Post
    lesser evil ba ang jeep kaysa ticycle?
    pareho lang yan.
    isama pa dyan yung mga pedicab na may engine ng kubota.

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    Jun 2009
    The main cause of our traffic problems can be traced back to the admin and or Human resource departments of LTO. They either ignorant or doesn't know how to do their job. They are part fixers as well.. and if that isn't obvious - where in the world can you fixers hang out right in front of the "no fixers/red tapes" sign? Only here in the Metro, one of the branches that's been doing this is the LTO Pasay.. Effing admin of it!

    If LTO would stop giving us half ass service and management of their people, there wont be any traffic problems due to ignorant motorist getting Driver's license cos they paid under the table. There wont be the need for license renewal , like in Germany.. Can you believe that? It is cos they are required to enroll in driving schools before they can apply for driver's license - that and probably cos they have high taxes but yeah.

    LTO should get their pants up from the ground and start being serious and less corrupt

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    Dec 2006
    Where illegal terminals sprout, crime also blooms.

    Take the case of the Metropolitan Hospital in Manila.

    Just two to three years ago, the place was clean and safe enough for people pass by on foot even at night.

    Now, with the congregation of kuligligs and tricycles hanging around the area, you get drunks, fights, and hold-ups. Usually perpetrated by the riders of these three-wheeled menaces themselves.

    It's an invasion, I tell you. One with the blessing of the local government.

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    Jun 2010
    I engaged a couple of Pasay City traffic enforcers hanging around the gas station. I tactfully hinted that private vehicle owners are dismayed at why they would more often apprehend private vehicles at such minor infractions when clearly just within the immediate area as well are trikes and jeeps going about as they please (loading anywhere / illegal turns / counter flowing etc). These traffic enforcers eventually admitted that they have less headache accosting private drivers as they are more educated hence more apologetic and participating. Trike and jeepney drivers, if not completely ignore these traffic enforcers, would even threaten "suntukan nalang tayo!" E wala namang baril at minsan wala pang kasama yun enforcer, kaya sila pa ang mas takot sa mga trike and jeep drivers.

JEEP "King of the Road" TRICYCLE "Criminal of the Road"