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    Jan 2004
    had part of my car repainted. the aircon was full blast and there was a newspaper near the engine. anyway, i make sure that most of the important stuff is not in my car when i have it serviced.

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    Oct 2002
    i still have to encounter bad service at the casas that i go to...

    for our toyota, i go to shaw-ortigas... they just leave everything there as is... i've left there my oakley shades, PDA, celfone, CDs and they are still in the same order after they've serviced it... although they are using the radio as when i turn on the radio, it is always in 92.7! hahaha... pero ok na yun as it is not that big a deal and to just give 'em a break...

    same with ford balintawak... everything is the same as it is...

    sa signet balintawak naman, the guards will be the ones who'll do the safekeeping of your stuff and put it in a locker...

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    Oct 2002
    From experience, some vehicles for servicing (lalo na yung mga PMS lang) are being used for business purposes.

    Nung nabangga yung auto ko dati, sinamahan ako ng service advisor dun sa site gamit isang unit for servicing

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