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    Oct 2002
    onga, may konting kulang sa description ng scenario. were there a stop light or stop signs in the intersection. if so, madali lang malaman kung sino ang may right of way. yung walang right of way yung may kasalanan, although it would be foolish for the car with right of way to insist on it, to the point of causing an accident...

    kung walang lights or signs, i think it should be considered a 4-way stop, as wildthing mentioned.

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    Oct 2002
    on equal-road intersections without lights or signs, the car on the right has the right of way (for left-hand drive)

    but defensive driving dictates that when approaching an intersection, always decelerate to the point of stopping whenever another vehicle is on sight

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    Jan 2007
    sa rear na tinamaan kaya yong nagbump ang me kasalanan while kung sa harap yong l300 ang may sala.pero sabi nga e, kung crossing yan at walang stop light, kung sino man ang nauna sa junction sya priority na mag go ahead which is apllied naman kahit saan kung alam mo talaga batas trapiko.

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    Jul 2006
    Be extra careful in the rain. Hard to determine other vehicle speeds as well as yours, let alone your braking distance.

    Alam mo naman sa atin, even if people know the right of way, nobody ever follows that. Next time you know better. Just play it safe, iwas gulo pa yan.

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    Jan 2004
    Anong kalye/intersection? Is it a city street? Highway?

    Kasi kung umuulan at 60 ang takbo mo sa city street then dun pa lang alangan na - too fast for the current conditions.

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how would you assess this?