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    Dec 2003
    the sightglass is for the checking of ac refrigerant

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    Aug 2005
    WTF ! even my 10 year OLD ROLLA doesnt give me a headache.

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    Dec 2005
    Pre kung ako sayo, wag ka papayag na ayusin lang nila, you paid almost Php700,000 for a NEW car and they gave you a big ass problem. A repaired car is not the same as a new one. Papalitan mo ng bago yan, sa tagal ng inabot dapat bayaran ka pa nila for inconvenience. Kuha ka na lang ng abugado, kasuhan mo mga taong yan. You're paying hard earned money kaya wag silang loloko loko! Talk to the manager and hindi yun mga tauhan lang. Meron bang bagong kotse na warak yun katawan. tsk tsk...

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    Sep 2004
    Got this from the DTI website. Based on this case example, psylocke deserves a refund or brand new unit as replacement.

    Q. Ana (not her real name) wrote us:

    On August 21, 2003, we purchased a brand new Mitsubishi Pajero.

    The car we bought was supposedly brand new, but after just a few days of usage, it would not start each time we tried to use it. This necessitated calling their serviceman whenever we attempted to use the vehicle. Each time, the car would run again for a day or two, then we'd have the same problem. The last time it was checked , which was already the fifth time in just 2 weeks since we bought it, their main service center personnel already kept the Pajero with them for four days for observation. However, it would not start again the next day.

    I have called the main office and informed them of the problem. I have explained to their representative from the marketing department the excruciating process we have already been subjected to, and asked for a replacement or a refund. Unfortunately, he said that they can only have it repaired AGAIN.

    I want to get my down-payment back. Can I demand my money back?

    A. Yes, you have the right for a refund or change of unit, given that you have informed the company five times on the defects of your vehicle and that the problems persisted despite their efforts to repair the vehicle. Because you purchased a brand new car, you deserve a unit that is free from defects.

    Asking for a replacement or a refund is supported by the provisions of the Consumer Act under Chapter III on Consumer Product and Service Warranties which states the three remedies applicable: repair, replacement or refund.

    In this instance, you may file your consumer complaint at the Department of Trade - National Capital Region. Then, mediation process starts, with notices given to both parties to appear for mediation.

    Good luck and hope your case is resolved soon!

    You may send your consumer complaints and comments to the Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer protection, DTI Bldg., #361 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, call us at our Consumer Hotlines 896-5740 or 890-4938 or visit
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    Sep 2004
    change of unit na talaga yan IMO.

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    Feb 2006
    Psylocke's City isn't the 2006 model, the digital trip meter is now located on the right most dial, with the fuel gauge, as compared to the picture he posted which showed the trip meter in the center dial, with the speedometer. However, this does not mean the new City isn't saddled with the same issues. To make it worse, I never heard of such sloppy treatment from a major car manufacturer! Up to this point, I was still considering the new City, but no more! I'm going with the Altis J. Basic, durable, beautiful. My thanks, as well as support go out to Psylocke, for illuminating the way.

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    Feb 2006
    Pareng Psylocke, very effective yang DTI na yan. Post din you sa consumer column ng Inquirer. Very effective din yan.

    BMW for life.

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    Sep 2003
    any update? nadala na ba sa DTI?

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    Mar 2003
    ano na update dito?

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    Mar 2006
    ano na nga balita dito?

    this is a very scary thread

Honda quality-control sucks...