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    Dec 2003
    baka ma self-incriminate? hehe

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    Sep 2003
    All the negative things that will come from him baka makaapekto sa complaint nya lalo na as of today identified na sya yung may ari nang kotse na yun.

    They can use this thread as a ground not to grant his wish and maybe as I heard from them they can charge him of libel lalo na they already exert all effort to resolve the problem.

    Fixing and repair is the possible solution but replacement is there prorogative.

    I hope you get what I mean.

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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer
    baka ma self-incriminate? hehe
    Tama lalo na puro negative thing ang lumalabas sa post.

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    Oct 2002
    pre-delivery inspection sheet? didn't you sign / got the said document before you accepted the car?

    and the more important question - were they able to repair the defects of the car?

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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by CLAVEL3699
    Can i advise you to stop posting on this thread for the good of your case.

    You dont know if somebody is reading your every post.

    Thank you.
    hmm.. why kaya? i think dapat pang matakot yung Honda sa thread na ito dahil it might affect their sales ng city..

    pero meron isang thread dito sa tsikot about the RAV4 na nasira yung engine nya, nireklamo nya kung paano sya hindi pinapansin ng toyota davao yata..then nagsumbong sya sa Toyota Motor Phil and sa DTI (yata) ... makakaroon na daw ng settlement daw based sa last post nya, di ko alam kung inayos or nag settlement sila

    tapos nawala na sya tsikot... hindi na sinabi kung ano naging final decision ng TMP.. siguro part ng deal nya sa toyota na tatahimik na sya as long as ayusin ang rav4 nya..

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    Sep 2003
    Di lang yata dito sa Tsikot naka post ito... parang nakita ko na din sa ibang forums about cars....

    Any update? meron ba?

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    Sep 2005
    Psylocke, kamusta na yung car mo, naka labas na ba sa Honda plant sa Laguna? What's the update - okay na ba?

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    May 2005
    I was looking at the front bumper of the new CRVs and I noticed they didnt paint it so well since there are paint bleeding (almost negligible unless you are OC like me) into the black portion. I get the same result before when air brushing scale models at times if I dont mask the unpainted area well enough.

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    Dec 2005
    The 1st time our 2003 Honda CRV (AUV) had problems, I thought we just got a lemon. The brakes would emit a metallic clangging sound when the pedal was depressed. Had it checked during the compulsory 1000K check and they fixed it. But soon after driving it again, the wheels started emitting whinning sounds. Then the aircon started having minimal grinding sounds which I complained about during the 10T & 20K check. No problem was seen. Then around a 1 year & 11 months the aircon blower broke. Of course I claimed for my warranty rights. I was surprised when the service advisor told me, "buti na lang po umabot sa warranty." I asked, "di ba 3 years or 100000km yun?"
    He said, "makina lang po." Just imagine investing your hard-earned money on a "prestigious" Honda just to find out it has a quality of a Korean car. I later found out 4 of my friends also had problems with their aircon before their 3rd year. The aircon is Teijin branded pala. A Hanabishi, Kyowa, or Promac may have been more durable.
    Then during my 40 Km check, I was told that my car had a busted brake light! I couldn't believe it! My ala-taxi 94 Toyota Corolla Gli, which has been a veteran or floods, hasn't even had a bulb change since.
    I am really, really disappointed with my CRV. I feel like as I bought a Hyonda. I fear that the next time I have an oil change it would already be a Hyondai. Each time I hear strange noises I can't help but think what's next?!"
    Honda cars are similar to their F1 siblings. They may be fast but they sure aren't reliable.

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    Dec 2003
    hmm our 2k4 crv is past 15k kms and no probs whatsoever.

    my 2k crv is approaching 98k kms, and so far only the normal wear and tear, and maintenance parts were changed. and the evaporator. im quite satisfied with it actually.

Honda quality-control sucks...