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    Jun 2005
    never thought honda ganyan..
    had 2 civics thank God wala ganyan
    i thought honda has the best QC here in the Phil
    keep us updated bro


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    Aug 2005
    Dude.. bought an accord last september... a month after i encountered this problem na as described by the ahente... "sakit ng accord"

    Driver side tint has deep scratches... apparently caused my overtightened weather strips on both driver and passenger side. They will repair it daw and replace tint ASAP. Kaiinis.

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    Dec 2003
    nasa news na!

    SPY BIZ By S.A. Maguire
    The Philippine Star 11/08/2005

    Carless and unhappy

    A customer is unhappy over his purchase from the Tarlac City dealer of a brand new car touted as THE most fuel-efficient in the world today. Even while at the dealer, he already noticed the carís skewed rear emblem but he didnít give it much thought and simply had it fixed right there and then. Other more serious problems surfaced a few days later, like the off-center steering wheel, water entering through the roof and soaking the rear seat, creaking and ticking noises from the right rear passenger step board, bubbles on the windshield tint, non-functional cigarette lighter port and brake lines improperly clipped to the body. The customer immediately brought it back to the dealer demanding a replacement, but he was given the usual line that the company policy is not to replace but only repair. The repairs only worsened the defects, so now the reader is saddled with a car he could not use because aside from the fact that it is always raining, he is afraid to risk driving around the city in a car whose steering wheel veers at a very awkward right angle. Numerous letters and documents have been sent to the manufacturing company president, but his efforts seem to be in vain. Now he couldnít help but wonder if he would have been better off with another car manufacturer. Or maybe the fact that the car model he bought was a CKD (completely knocked down) unit assembled in the Philippines, not a CBU (completely built up) unit from another country is a big part of the problem.

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    Aug 2004
    yan ba yung sa iyo *psylocke?

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    Oct 2003
    di ko pa nababasa ito ah. siguro ngayon HCPI would hear his demands na...

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by katsudon_ph
    yan ba yung sa iyo *psylocke?

    based doon sa details of defects presented in the article, un kay psylocke nga ata un kotse

    sana maayos at magawan na ng paraan ng honda, kakarelease pa naman ng bago nilang model ng city at sayang naman kung maaapektuhan ng ganitong problemang kaya naman nilang solusyunan.

    psylocke, ano na nga pala latest sa oto mo?

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    Mar 2003
    nasa philippine star na yata yng istorya hehe

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Psylocke
    That's easy to say when it's not your money...
    Except for your leaking roof problem, my Rav4 experienced more SERIOUS problems (but all of which was addressed through the warranty-covered repairs)... these include the replacement of shock absorbers, misaligned steering, rotor discs, etc...

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    Mar 2005
    It's my City.

    Honda advertises at the Star so City was not indicated.

    Useless actually... :down:

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    Oct 2002
    Psylocke, how did your complaint got published in the Star? did you approached them? or they just got it here from Tsikot?

Honda quality-control sucks...