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    Jul 2006
    pera lang gusto nyan gusto kumita agad di nila inaayos ang quality ng trabaho nila.

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by nugundam93 View Post
    never had any problems like that sa mitsubishi quezon avenue ah.
    agree!!! for three years... satisfied ako sa SA ko...

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    Jul 2006
    meron lang isang lokong SA sa Mitsubishi QAve. Buti na lang umalis na siya dun. Biro mo 5 year old na Pajero namin sa kanya namin pinapaservice since pagbili until last year. Tapos bigla kinailangan nang ioverhaul... ioverhaul!!! as in 4 years old pa lang yung sasakyan iooverhaul na agad!!! buti na lang wala na siya sa mitsu q.ave....

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by tabong View Post
    Napapansin kong nagiging notorious ang mga car dealers sa Quezon Ave. Sa ibang thread eh Toyota QA naman ang pinaguusapan. Baka naman may epidemic ng incompetence dyan sa QA? hehehe! Masyadong contagious kaya lahat sila eh infected na. hehehe!
    andyan din ibang govt. agencies magkakamag-anak ata mga yan eh hehehehe

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    Oct 2005
    Same experience with Honda Libis.. same lousy service.. just got my 1 year PMS and the usual..pag labas ng casa..palyado ang takbo ng jazz..

    Di ko rin maintindihan kung bakit nila ako inischedule ng 715 am kung wala pa namang SA na available kasi lahat sila late dumating.. I had to wait for 30 minutes before naasikaso.. tapos another 1 hour for paperwork.. kupad!!!

    Eto pa..bakit ang mga SA sa front desk lahat tumitingin sa mga computer nila as if doing something pag palapit ka na... ano to..ayaw nilang magkaroon ng gagawin? WTF!

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    Mar 2006
    Hi All!

    I've a few bone to pick with yokels as well!

    I set an appointment with them before on behalf of my brother and we were there first ting in the morning, as in the tag number was #1!

    It took until about 8 for them to get the car in for service then we got the thing at about 3!

    Another incident is when we brought in the car to be repaired. They said that they can't work on it anymore since the model (a 94 ESi) was already obselete and that we should just buy a new one and back when this happened, it was just 1995 and the new model had just come out! What jack*$$es!

    And another time, my aunt's CR-V was hit in the rear and they had to replace the rear door.

    When we got it back, I noticed that the undermirror was gone! When I asked them about it, they said since the unit was already old, they no longer had stock of the part and that I should again "upgrade" the vehicle to a new one.

    That's not all, if they didn't have the part, then why did they still drill the mounting holes into the new rear door!


    I asked around and low and behold, there is an abundance in supply of the undermirror.

    In any case, if you ask me, avoid these yokels like the plague!

    The price they charge isn't worth the service they provide, if any at all.

    But that's just me.

    Hope this helps.


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    Jan 2005
    wow. the nerve of those people!

    if i were in hardcharger's place, i would've gone ballistic there.

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