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    Mar 2008
    might not be a good idea.
    'twould be a one-sided argument.
    the person shown does not have the option to answer the alleged allegations.
    'tis not fair.

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    Sep 2016
    We already have this. It's called Dashcam Diaries Philippines.

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    Oct 2008
    Ingat na lang. Baka makasuhan ka pa ng libel for your wrong impression sa mga "bad drivers". Baka naman kasi yung iba ay emergency.

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    Oct 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by first_light View Post
    Ingat na lang. Baka makasuhan ka pa ng libel for your wrong impression sa mga "bad drivers". Baka naman kasi yung iba ay emergency.
    being in an emergency does not excuse you to be a "bad driver" thus endangering other peoples lives or property...

    if thats the case, then legitimate emergency vehicles would be reckless drivers... (and yes there are illegitimate emergency vehicles)

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    Oct 2008
    There is a proper approach for these “bad or reckless drivers”. We should not just post it in social media just to shame them. Unless, you are very sure that they are really "siga or pasaway sa kalye". The best way is, when you encounter them, report it immediately to the proper authority by calling 911 or the emergency numbers using a hands-free phone and while taking the video using the dash cam if you are alone in your car, so that HPG can apprehend them immediately. And if found out that it is really an emergency, some of the HPG will even escort them up to the hospital. But if it’s not an emergency, then we know the consequence.
    The DOJ advisory defined reckless driving as “the act of operating a motor vehicle without reasonable caution considering the width, traffic, grades, crossing, curvatures, visibility and other conditions of the highway and the conditions of the atmosphere and weather, or so as to endanger the property or the safety or rights of any person, or so as to cause excessive or unreasonable damage to the highway.”
    The only difference between the private vehicle and the ambulance (both in an emergency situations) is that the latter has sirens to alert other vehicles/people as a safety precautions while the private vehicle don’t have sirens. Even though, the private vehicles have horns that they could use instead of sirens, majority of them forgot to use it because they are not oriented or trained when in emergency situation. They should use their horns and hazard lights to tell other vehicles that they are in an emergency situation.
    In short, reckless driving means careless driving. So, if you are not using a siren or a horn in an emergency situation, other drivers might think that you are a bad or reckless driver.
    I hope I have shed some lights to my fellow motorist.
    By the way, sometimes, if the other driver saw you that you’re taking pictures of his vehicle, it can lead to road rage. And you maybe in the next article. Dash cam is advisable. Take care.

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