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    May 2007
    This is indeed a scary incident.

    What is the best option for locking/securing your Innova spare tire? Where can I buy? how much? where? is it easy to install (especially to lady owners?).

    Thank you!

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    Mar 2005
    just take the taxi na lang, puwede mo pa tawagan.

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    Sep 2005
    sa akin ok park n fly. flight ako sa hongkong for 3 days last sept 23 lang ok naman at wala akong naging problema. May importante pa laman ang car ko , 736 petot(nasa dash board lang)imported groceries, IPOD, 2 cellphone and mga damit na pasalubong ni misis from the US ok naman po walang nawala kahit isa even po ung HALLS ko walang bawas.hehehehe

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    Mar 2006
    I've use Park N Fly with no problems as well.

    Very convenient.

    At least you drive yourself to and from with your own vehicle.

    If you're really paranoid about it, take note of your milage, the contents of the vehicle, amount of fuel, etc. and have them sign it.

    At least if something does happen to your vehicle, someone can answer for it unlike in the open lots where the guards will just scratch their heads or deny to death.

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    Jul 2007
    another option din etong Basic Taxi. Phone numbers nila 9001447 or 9001448.

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    Apr 2005
    Suki din ako ng parking area na yan and luckily, hindi naman nangyari na nakawan ang service ko. Good timing lang ba?

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    Dec 2002
    Buhayin ko ulit yung thread

    Anybody used the domestic parking recently for overnight? any feedback?
    is it full? because I remember once when I went to T3 full yung parking nila, even for hourly parking, bad trip yun if you're planning to park for a trip then puno na when you go there.
    I plan to park kasi this week.

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    Oct 2002
    ^me, went to Cebu for a weekend. parked at the T2 overnight parking wala naman problema and ang dami pang slots.

    hinde ko lang alam sa T3, baka pwede sa T2 parked tapos kung meron shuttle to T3 or taxi ka lang papunta doon.

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    Dec 2002
    Actually sa Domestic airport ako.
    I wish our airport have shuttles going between airports, palpak talaga, it's actually logical to have them, even if they have minimal charge, but wala.
    Thanks Shadow
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    Jun 2010
    i would only leave my car overnight in the terminal 2, 3, or in park n fly. Itsura pa lang nung domestic terminal parking lot, medyo alanganin na. the fact that its also located across the street from the old domestic terminal makes it more prone to passersby.

    Yung sa naia terminal 1 naman, medyo madaming nakatambay, kaya feeling ko rin di masyado safe.

    i like the terminal 2 & 3 parking lots because they are well lit and located in a more "secure" area. i just make it a point to park near the guard house para at least kung may mangyari, pwede mo sisishin yung guard.

    i stopped parking at park n fly kasi medyo late at mabagal na yung shuttle service nila (unlike before, they were very efficient) and di ka rin gaano sure kung saan ilalagay yung kotse mo (especially in peak seasons pag puno sila). they have off site parking lots that aren't any better than the domestic parking.

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