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    Oct 2002
    I was wondering, aside from identifying the owner as an international Diplomat, what other benefits does owning a car with diplomatic plates?

    Pwede bang bilhin din ang plates na ganyan?

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    Mar 2003
    one very practical benefit (pero wag sanang abusuhin) is that d government has no jurisdiction over the diplomatic official. ergo, d yan pwedeng hulihin for traffic and other road regulations; in fact, diplomatic immunity, as sanctioned by international law, even extends to criminal and civil cases within the proper parameters. i dnt think such plates wud be for sale because it is only meant to be used by ambassadors and other diplomatic officials and one has to present himself first to the government before he is recognized as one. thus, it is only after that process, wud he be able to get those plates =)

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    Nov 2002
    Yes Immunity..Great!

    Pagawa ka sa Recto sandali lang yan..Pero that woudn't be good.

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    Oct 2002
    to get these plates, your car would need to be registered to either a country's embassy or a multilateral organization like the UN, World Bank or USAID

    also, i don't know if it has changed, but the "real" diplomat plates (i.e. cars owned by ambassadors and others with diplomatic immunity) have only 4 digits...service cars owned by the embassy or the UN will have 5 digits.

    when we lived in the Philippines my mom drove a van with 5-digit diplomatic plates (she worked for the UN at the time)...hindi ka talaga papansinin ng law enforcement whatever you do.

    of course, pinagbawal ako na gumamit nung van - no telling what an immature teenager would do with a car with diplomatic plates ;)

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    Oct 2002
    Saw one earlier with 6 digits na... i guess they ran out of numbers.

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    Aug 2003
    speaking of diplomatic plates...

    A member of GMA's cabinet(Ponce ung apelido) died in a car accident early Sunday; his Prado got rammed by an Isuzu Trooper going in the opposite direction on the C5-Ortigas flyover that crossed the center lane.

    His wife sustained serious injuries at was brought to hospital.

    The Isuzu Trooper had a diplomatic plate, being driven by a 23-year old(i seriously doubt if he's a diplomat; baka anak/pamangkin ng diplomat)

    ano kaya ang mangyayari sa kasong 'to...

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    Jan 2003
    I don't know if these diplomatic plates are really true or not. If there were diplomats in the car, shouldn't they be driving like diplomats? I've seen some diplomatic cars go like crazy in the streets. Not very diplomatic I suppose. :D

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    Sep 2002
    just to clarify; wasn't ponce in the trooper and the 23 year old "diplomat" in the prado?

    but you're right, it would be interesting to know what happens in this case.

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    Jul 2004
    there was a big issue about diplomatic immunity and traffic violations when a foreign ambassador to the UN killed a motorist (a family pa ata, if I remember correctly) while driving drunk. All the US police could do is just ask that he be declared persona non grata and have him kicked out of the us. But the drunk driver was naver charges or spent time in jail at all.

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    Oct 2002
    If you're not entitled to it, dont get it IMHO.

    My grandfather was entitled to diplomatic plates before (he was with the ADB that time) but he did not use it... He did use the tax-free privilege though. Imagine, a brand new Pajero at 400K+ only. Someone even offered him a brand new Pajero for free in exchange for using his tax free slot for a Benz the guy was bringing in... my lolo turned it down.

    I know some peeps use the DFA to bring in tax free cars as well (but no diplomatic plates).

    Kinda reminds me of the CSI episode i saw last week involving *sshole diplomat kids.

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