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    Sep 2004
    I wonder how cool Aris Ilagan must have felt, after getting a 9mm slug up his a$$...

    He must have thought it was a good play of words, "other motorists fuming mad, while he stayed cool..."

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    Mar 2003
    Bros, just to set things straight, I have nothing personal against the TGP writers and editors (I don't even know them, and heck, I bought the magazine, didn't I?). Bad trip lang na sobrang dami na nga ng mga undisciplined motorists sa kalye, then this supposedly educated person chose to be one himself. And his editor-in-chief allowed his article to go to print. No time to proofread?

    The TGP EIC apologized BUT he himself debased his apology by coming up with the lame excuse that Mr. Ilagan was just using his own distinctive writing style to inject a sense of urgency in the article. In short, the EIC insulted the intelligence of TGP readers and forumers. Because it was clear that the piece was written like a diary entry; no metaphors there, unless you consider the sentence "Out of our obssession to win, I (the driver) ignored some traffic rules along the routes" a metaphor (a metaphor for what?). See pics:

    Sana ganito na lang sinabi nya: "I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm to blame. The buck stops here. I'll do my best to prevent things like this from happening again." Di na sana siningitan ng isang stupid alibi. E di tapos na sana.

    But maybe the EIC is not man enough to own up to his mistakes. Bihira yata talaga dito yung boss na hindi naghahanap ng scapegoats pag pumapalpak sila.

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    Oct 2002
    Diba 'writing style' din ang palusot nila nung ginag0 nila ang mga bikers in another article?
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    Jul 2006
    When the movie "Rendezvous" came out, it showed somebody darting in and out of the streets on a Mercedes 6.9 (not shown, but it was stated). From what I've heard, the driver was then apprehended when the film was shown to the public.

    This should be done to whoever wrote the article. However subjective it may be, admitting to cutting people off, making them fuming mad, and driving like there were no cops around should be enough evidence.

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    Mar 2003
    Yun din nga palusot nila before. Satire daw yung column about the bikers hehe.

    Siguro akala nila di natin alam what a satire is, coz there was nothing satirical dun sa column na yun.

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    Oct 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by woulfe27 View Post

    Those are pretty lame ads.

    Edit that is also why I think automotive or fashion mags should not be considered as media. I don't see encyclopaedia contributors flashing their ID's.

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    Jan 2005

    ka-swerte naman nila when they were recklessly having fun to the chagrin of other more disciplined drivers na walang nainis na may baril at tinira sila.

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    Aug 2004
    I was quick to show my media ID and we were free to go.

    having a media "badge" is not an excuse for their shenanigans... :rant:

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    Apr 2005
    I regularly buy TG; I like the mag. I have complete issues from its maiden issue (except this month's issue as I have yet to buy one).

    Personally, we should give the guy (Aris Ilagan) and the TG EIC a chance to explain their side, in the spirit of fairness. I think they should read this forum to know our "sentiments" about what was written in their mag.

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    Sep 2006
    Pinost na ni GhostHunter yung link ng thread na ito doon sa kabila. I'm pretty sure sinusubaybayan din nila ito.

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