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    May 2010
    hay. shoot to kill na dapat yan si dela fuente. puro lang kapalpakan.

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    Nov 2008
    Nobody bought their alibis anyway regarding a "no strike confirmation on their side" Dapat lang talaga sa mga ito masampolan ng batas man lang kasi they think the governing body (LTFRB , MMDA) are toothless somehow

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    Aug 2003
    im not following the news... ano na action nangyari dito?

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    Apr 2009

    Aalamin at pagpapaliwanagin ng LTFRB kung sinu-sino ang sumali sa tigil-pasada ng mga bus kahapon sa unang araw nang pagpapatupad ng number coding. Tiyak namang may parusang suspensyon o kanselasyon ng kanilang mga prangkisa ang mga nanadyang hindi bumiyahe.

    “There is an assurance that we will impose sanctions. But the cancellation, siyempre, depends on the circumstances, depends on what these bus companies will give us. That is why we will investigate properly,” ani LTFRB Chairperson Nelson Laluces.

    “It was a disruption of the transport system,” ani Transportation Secretary Jose de Jesus.

    Sabi naman ng mga bus operator, walang nangyaring strike. Nagkulang daw ang mga bus dahil marami ang hindi puwedeng ibiyahe dahil sa number coding.

    Anila, mahigit 100 o mahigit kalahati ng bus ng isang kumpanya ang hindi maaaring ibiyahe kapag Lunes dahil ang plaka nito ay nagtatapos sa 1 at 2.

    “Ngayon madalas po nating itanong kung ano ba talaga ang nangyari, siguro po puwede rin nating maitanong ngayon na ano ba ang nangyari sa number coding? The main issue is sana nagkaroon ng consultation,” ani Atty. Grace Aducul.

    Ayon naman sa Metro Manila Development Authority, may mga ebidensiya silang sinadyang hindi pumasada ng ilang bus operator.

    “Kahit po i-deny nila na walang strike, we still define a strike as a planned, deliberate and concerted efforts on the part of holders of certificates of public convenience to disrupt the delivery of basic services to the prejudice of the riding public. 'Yan po ang ginawa nila kahapon,” ani MMDA Chair Francis Tolentino.

    Gusto ng Pangulo na mag-dayalogo ang mga ahensiya ng pamahalaan at mga bus operator para makahanap ng solusyon sa lumalalang traffic sa Metro Manila. Hindi naman nangangahulugang ititigil ang number coding.

    Nakahanda ang gobyerno na mag-alok muli ng libreng sakay sakaling mahirapan na naman ang mga pasahero bukas, strike man o hindi ang itinawag dito ng mga bus operator. Willard Cheng, Patrol ng Pilipino

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    Jan 2007
    Low-life scumbags.

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    Jan 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by ans_lim168 View Post
    Bottom line is when the buses were decreased, traffic was lessened, that should put to rest who are the culprits for the daily traffic chaos on EDSA is, this a "no brainer", Dela Fuente should just keep her trap shut, no amount of excuses "alibis" could justify her reasoning. At least the private motoring public don't resort to "hostage" when an unfavorable decision is enforced among them.
    I rode the bus today and traffic was still the same. The time when traffic was light was when gasoline prices hit between 50 to 60 pesos.

    Anyway, a reduction by using the number coding scheme isn't the complete solution. Although there is a reduction in the number of buses, some buses still spend a lot of time stopped in the Cubao area.

    What I want to see MMDA/LTFRB do:

    - Remove all the colorum buses off the streets.
    - Implement a timed loading and unloading system.
    - Strict implementation of loading and unloading zones.
    - Review the current bus franchises especially those with the so called kabit system (Most are owned by Claire dela Fuente)

    These might solve the current traffic problem in Edsa, which will both benefit the riding public and private motorists.

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    Aug 2005
    There is a marked improvement on traffic with the color coding scheme. Still, EDSA morning traffic was better last Monday, than today.

    Ergo, the answer is not color-coding, but perhaps an odd-even scheme on these buses!

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    Sep 2003
    Sana nga. But all talk and no action is the norm...

    MMDA eyes ‘purging’ of bus franchises
    11/17/2010 | 08:12 AM

    Share6 Following Monday’s bus strike that left more than 8,000 commuters stranded in Metro Manila, authorities are considering a purge of bus franchises to weed out rogue operators.

    Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino said he may seek Congress’ help in canceling all franchises and having operators apply for new ones.

    “Kagaya ng sa Comelec pag may flying voters, double registrants at double entries, kina-cancel ang book of voters at nagsisimula ng bagong registration para malinis ang book of voters. Ganito rin siguro sa prangkisa. Kung kakanselahin natin lahat, magsimula silang mag-apply uli para start from zero, at malaman sino ang legal, illegal, colorum at karapat-dapat," he said in an interview on dwIZ radio.

    (Just like in the Commission on Elections, if there are flying voters and double registrants, the book of voters is canceled and a new registration is held. In our case, we can junk the list of franchises and have all operators apply for new franchises. That way we can start from zero and screen out the rogue and colorum operators.)

    MMDA spokeswoman Tina Velasco hinted at a similar proposal as she said it would be better if “we can start from scratch."

    “Maybe if we can start from scratch, mas maigi sana yan (If we can start from scratch, it would be better)," she said in a separate interview on dzXL radio.

    But Tolentino said they will need the help of Congress in legislating the nullification of the existing franchises.

    He added parties concerned may bring it up at a traffic management summit that government is organizing for December 3.

    Tolentino made the suggestion days after bus operators opposing the MMDA’s number-coding scheme for buses stopped plying Metro Manila’s main thoroughfares Monday.

    Initial findings by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board showed 100 of 140 bus operators did not ply their routes in Metro Manila last Monday.

    Meanwhile, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) was expected to deliver show-cause orders to bus firms that did not ply their routes.

    Radio dzBB’s Allan Gatus reported the bus firms that will get such orders should explain why they should not be sanctioned for their no-show last Monday, causing inconvenience to commuters. — LBG, GMANews.TV

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    Sep 2010
    Si MMDA chairman tolentino tabingi utak nyan. Tingnan nyo tagaytay ngayon ang gulo gulo na. Nung panahon nya sa tagaytay bigay ng bigay ng building permit yan.

    Di ba plano nya lagyan ng odd-even scheme private cars sa edsa pero binara lang sya ng metro manila mayor council.

    Ewan ko talaga bakit ginawang mmda chairman taga tagaytay.

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    Jun 2009
    IMHO, the govt should include buses for its public transport services, funds should not be a problem for the our govt(only an excuse).

    I would Like to compare the public transport system here in Canada (and maybe in other countries too). Here, Im surprised that buses are the priority on the roads, next to emergency vehicles. Almost on time ang departure at arrival sa lahat ng destination/ bus stop/ terminals. Walang private-owned PUBs. They are grouped and travel with a "specifi" route. They dont have conductors. Fares are thru a stored value tickets or maghulog ka ng coins and you will be given a fare ticket. Bus drivers are men and women (young and old). Also the fare ticket can be used in the metro (trains) for a prescribed period.

    I have experienced riding bus here when our boss accompanied us to try commuting going downtown. We leaved our service (his vehicle, ) at the central terminal and take a ride. Im amazed that their 10-minute interval is really on time ,

    But some local residents here complain that their public transport (bus and trains) system is already very outdated and obsolete. But for me who came from a "3rd world' country and used to a road jungle like Metro Manila, their system is EXCELLENT.

    This is my experience outside Pinas... (hoping to be back HOME soon..)

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Bus strike leaves thousands stranded