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    Jan 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by lazyfoot View Post
    Anyway just to share the talk between me and my boss (our VP) during lunch last week

    Boss: you know the report of the guy who got his picture taken with a gun in his car, he's all over the news now
    Me: yeah! the guy who took that pic must have balls of steel to do that.
    Boss: yeah, he's my cousin
    Me: wow, how did he do that. it's amazing he was still able to take the picture.
    Boss: No, my cousin was the one holding the gun...
    [Long ackward silence]
    Me: ah ok
    [Continue eating lunch]
    you're fired!!!

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    Mar 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by praetor91313 View Post
    As I understand it, just showing your gun without implying bodily harm (pag nilagbas mo baril mo tapos minura mo ng "PI mo" pero di mo tinutok) constitutes "Light threats" and a penalty of aresto menor or a fine of not more than P200.

    Pag tinutok mo naman o kahit di mo tinutok pero you implied bodily harm such as shouting, "Ipuputok ko to sa mukha mo!", that's "Grave Threats" and a penalty of aresto mayor plus a fine not exceeding P500 are given.

    Pag may injury naman nangyari and the perpetrator can be proven to have an intent ko kill, yun ang frustrated murder.
    I think that they should add three zeros to those numbers. Those are way too cheap in exchange for a life.

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    Dec 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by AnK View Post
    you're fired!!!
    not really, i'm already notorious for being outspoken gets me into trouble at times but that's who i am and it's the thing that makes me effective during meetings

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    Oct 2002
    Anyone remember what happened to this issue?

    Was it just buried under or was it somehow concluded?

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    May 2010
    the gun he's holding is a .45 caliber gun (the guns that PNP was given at the policemens) but it seems its like a replica or a airgun. most airguns are almost look alike of the real ones. but sad to sad. he not a sharpshooter. malabo na mata ni tatang bka pang baril lang niya iyan sa mga pato o kalapate hehe )

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    Jul 2010
    "Pag may injury naman nangyari and the perpetrator can be proven to have an intent ko kill, yun ang frustrated murder."

    not necessarily. what determines whether a crime is only at the attempted stage or in the frustrated stage is the presence of a mortal wound and the fact that the victim survived. thus for a crime to be appreciated in the frustrated stage (which carries a heavier punishment as compared to an attempted crime) there must have been a mortal wound inflicted.

    further what elevates a crime from homicide to murder are based on the presence of certain qualifying circumstances such as treachery and evident pre-meditation among others.

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    May 2009
    I was trying to differentiate between just showing your gun and pointing it at someone, between grave and light threats and that it would not be appropriate to call it attempted murder... but thanks for clarifying the difference between attempted and frustrated murder for us.

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    Jul 2010
    sorry for geeking out on the crim law terms, medyo na OT na tuloy hehe but i get what your driving at with the showing and pointing

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    Dec 2009
    Ang sarap basahin ng thread na ito. :popcorn:

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    Apr 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by jave View Post
    pambihira!!! buti nga.

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