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    Oct 2002
    HI All,

    I was thinking that we start a VIN decoding thread for all vintage, classic and muscle car enthusiats. This page would hopefully serve as a one-stop shop for all VIN decoding needs, especially for the restorer who wants to bring back his beauty to the way it first came from the factory.

    I encourage everyone to post their links to good VIN decoding sites, resources etc. People can also post their VIN here and wait for the experts to help them decode.

    Let me be the first to post.

    For all first-generation firebird owners (1967-1969), here is a good VIN decoder i found online

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    Oct 2002

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    Jan 2005
    using the mustangdecoder site as provided by chip, i entered the VIN (9T01T111847) and got this information:

    year: 1969
    plant: metuchen, nj
    body: 2-door hardtop
    engine: 200 1v inline 6
    unit: 111847

    thanks for the link!

    But the thing is, i found another plate on the passenger side under the trunk. This is how it looks like:

    can somebody please help me decode these? ang naiintindihan ko lang diyan yung "65a" which i think refers to the body code. The rest, i don't know anymore TIA!

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    Jan 2005
    After further research, i found out that the ACAP BLUE stands for "acapulco blue." Does this mean that the car was originally acapulco blue? hehe hindi ko ma-imagine kasi it has been candyapple red since my dad bought it.

    ang hindi ko na lang alam yung "2A" tska "7" tska "6"

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    Oct 2002

    For Newer Cars. Just enter your 17 Digit "Chassis" Number
    Great For CBU units (If you are having doubts on the origin of your vehicle)

    Am also looking for VIN decoder for trucks. As in Commercial Vehicles

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    Oct 2002
    This site has vin decoder for mercedes benz.

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    Jul 2007
    The VIN decoder is pretty interesting. But sadly, it doesn't work that well.

    Also, the VIN decoder is for the cars which use the 17-digit VINs based on ISO 3779.

    But how about the older cars predating this standard?

The VIN Decoding Thread