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    Oct 2002
    nasa stoplight ako don sa may malapit sa plm. tapos nung nag green na pagtingin ko don sa left side ko may naka stop na lancer na naka advan paint scheme. kaya napaisip ako kung evo nga un. tinitigan ko hanggang sa makalimutan ko na kailangan ko na palang bawiin ung manibela dahil pa left turn ako non. ayun, sampa sa island ung left front tire ko. kala ko tumama ung fender don sa plant box ng island. hahaha. nakuha ko pang bumaba makalampas at tingnan kung may tama nga ung fender. haha. hindi ko naisip na kakahiya pala un sa mga nakakita. wahahaha

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    Oct 2002
    Another hair-raising experience, not for me though but some poor folks on the back of an old Nissan Eagle pickup.

    It was around 8pm on the highway, on the way home in the sedan, 1 hour into a 4 hour drive. I came up to a Nissan pickup with like 10 students crammed into the back. The thing was doing 80kph. So I made a move to overtake. Right then I see soot shoot out of its tailpipe. Wait-a-minute don't tell me you want to race an Altis? I was in no hurry to overtake since the opposing lane was empty so I was kind on the accelerator. We were already nudging 120kph when I was alongside them, I could see the poor folks in the back hanging for dear life. There was a guy standing at the back holding on to the roll-over bar...he was making like Superman, the gel on his hair just couldn't cope (like I said, hair-raising)...

    I couldn't take it anymore so I floored it and jumped to 140 in 5 seconds leaving the demented to eat my exhaust... What was wrong with the guy? Didn't he realize he was putting the folks at the back of his truck through hell? Sometimes our bad side just gets the best of us, eh?

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    Jan 2006
    hmmmm. not so very old thread....

    experience ko naman is a far cry from this one.
    my wife and i went to tagaytay one weekend night.
    am not sure kung anniversary namin or something.
    i forgot. (kaya laging nagagalit si misis eh. hehehe)
    we were on our way to people's park yata yun.
    (forgot again. hehehe)
    it was around 9 or 10 pm na and there was a slight drizzle.
    imagine our shock/horror/amusement/wonder
    when upon reaching this stretch of road na
    medyo zigzag na and finding ourselves
    engulfed by a very thick blanket of fog!
    the kind that you can't see beyond maybe
    3 to 5 meters ahead of you!
    tigil kami tuloy sa shoulder.
    kakatakot! insane thoughts popped
    into our minds like zombies coming out of
    the fog and forcing the doors open.
    hahaha. freaky! just like the movies.
    mayamaya ng medyo mag-clear
    u-turn kami agad pauwi.

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    Oct 2002
    my hair raising experience was not all about speed.

    it was around november last year. in a harrowing traffic, nagkatutukan ng baril yung sasakyan sa harapan ko without me having any space to manouever.

    sa takot kong maipit sa crossfire, na-cut ko tuloy yung sasakyan sa kaliwa ko.

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Sharing some hair-raising experiences on the road