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    Dec 2003
    .....or the guy who won $14,500 when he sued his neighbor because the neighbor's dog bit him in the buttocks.apparently this guy was shooting the dog with pellet gun before the dog attacked....
    .....or the inmate who sued the state for not allowing him to read **** in prison.........
    .....or the woman who sued a city in arizona and won $450,000.
    she tripped and sprained an ankle from a gopher hole and she said the city should post a sign that such a hazard exists in the park....

    +++a friend of mine lost his 2 children a year ago in california.the 2 teenagers flew to their uncle/cousin's in central CA and my friend and wife drive there a week later.apparently they were going to meet in LA and board a cruise ship.the 2 children,their 2 cousins,grandma and uncle/auntie were driving a rented ford explorer towards LA, aunt was driving and has just entered the freeway when she realized the SUV is in the left shoulder towards the grassy median.she apparently panicked,jerked the steering and swerved to the right and overcorrected.the ford explorer flipped (i don't know how many times).my friend's 2 children,1 cousin,the granny and aunt was very sad,really sad.+++

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    Jan 2004
    Walang ganyan sa Pinas!

    When my mom was vacationing in the States, nadulas siya dun sa CR sa house ng friend niya na Pinoy din. Aba, sabi ba naman nung friend niya, "idemanda mo ako tutal insurance naman ang magbabayad." Ano ba yan pati Pinoy?

    Pero teka, OT na tayo... back to the SUV...

    Admins, sorry po.

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    Oct 2003
    Dito sa pinas baka pag dating sa arbiter talo ka na agad pag ganun kalaki mga kalaban mo

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