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    Oct 2002
    talaga? 2 dr? oks yan. the best yang 13" enkei mesh, kahit anong old school bagay! Gusto ko nga rin ng alternate rims na enkei mesh na 60 series. Pang japorms lang kasi dapat yung apaches / 50 series ko. Although medyo 3-finger gap pa naman ang clearance ng akin, pag may sakay na, nag iisweep na rin ng street and humps!

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    Oct 2002
    DX - Ayos ah! Sana ma-restore mo, hirap na maghanap ng sariwa eh, Magkaroon lang ako ng time bibili ulit ako ng old school! :D

    I also love old school cars!

    I had: Datsun 510, 1969 Ford Cortina 1600GT, 72&73 Ford Escort 4 door, 1974 Ford Escort Estate, 1972 & 74 Toyota Corolla/Sprinter, 1982 Opel Rekord, 1982 BMW 520E, 1983 Toyota Corolla Liftback, 1982 Mitsubishi Lancer SL, 1984 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR, 1985 JDM Mitsubishi Galant Eterna Intercooler turbo and the ultimate of all old school I had is my 1984 BMW 735i.

    Here's some of them:
    [img]!CjfMC4uYTnsIxa90cM85f1h6sm3I!xsXd SRwAbqN0yuchLeAwZAJnPa*3FlCAHVcDurjx3*vmXaUrNySZUB u*yof4Pw/my_escort-2.jpg?dc=4675344221195134405[/img]

    [img]*lIuT!B5ggaOv! ZYXdgKly3dyPz3yoV6uDS5dDoIkwvEdKT5yE6E26bJEPQDD/gsr-01.jpg?dc=4675395865887444442[/img]
    [img]*i3wlcTSzB8 s*KUO4TdsJjw4Y4O9y4JtEgECDr8hwCfHjl9pKMqrkrcZoj/gsr-02.jpg?dc=4675395865925224247[/img]
    [img] mxgRH3ww7XfVN43SyA6Qc04u*CEIIdZlshDo!3bNacSsp52/gsr-03.jpg?dc=4675395865981372195[/img]

    The best of them all......
    [img] J*TumolQKyFF2oMDdjErcVw8451nad5dx7oqtFaSfYYnTJt/b1.jpg?dc=4675344221745617182[/img]

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    Oct 2002

    whoa! :shock: oldschool galore! astig ung escort ah... san na napunta yun?

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    Oct 2002
    up ko lang

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    Oct 2002

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    Nov 2002
    :D 1968 VW type3 fastback... 15" bananas and dropped. stock engine except for weber progressive carb... still driving it around.

    mabuhay ang old skool... :D

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    Jan 2006
    i have this 1978 toyota corolla sprinter is very looks like a 4 door sr but its only 2 door...i made it for racing has a 2tg engine with twin cams...double d...roll bars...i strip off all the interior and the paint is very smooth inside has an offset mags...apache 8"...13"...its very nice...all though it is really very hard to tune it ...

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    May 2006
    '68 vw beetle -
    dito ako natuto mag maneho

    '79 toyota cressida -
    our family's 1st brand new car, sarap i-drive kahit pang tatay ang dating. ang gaan ng manibela at matulin (18R engine).

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