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    Oct 2002
    naisip ko lang po...hehe...

    to think na ang dami mong gastos diba?
    then u still have to maintain your car para in tip top conditon diba?

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    Oct 2002
    make sure you have priorities on these five basics

    - water ( radiator )
    - oil ( motor )
    - power ( battery , alternator )
    - brake ( fluids , pads etc )
    - fuel ( gasoline or diesel )

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    Oct 2002
    maintenance is necessarily part of owning a car. kung damit kailangan labhan at iplantsa, sa kotse maintenance. usually in intervals naman ang maintenance e... basically, change engine oil every 5K km. merong life expectancies ang critical parts ng car... stock tires should be good for maybe 30,000 km excluding damage due to potholes. brake pads, coolant, air filters, fuel filters, clutch, timing belt... lahat yan merong certain mileage na expected to be replaced assuming optimal conditions

    pero basically, all you REALLY (as in talagang indispensable) need is around P1000 or so every 5k km (or maybe around 6 months) for new engine oil. yung iba, relatively one-time maintenance compared to change oil.

    at syempre, don't be misled by false economies: for example, scrimp on proper radiator coolant and you'll spend for a new radiator prematurely. scrimp on brake pads and you'll need new or refaced rotors in addition to new pads. scrimp on the timing belt and you'll need an overhaul along with a new timing belt. scrimp on wheel alignment and an accurate tire gauge and you'll pay more for fuel...

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    Oct 2002
    magastos nga lalo na kapag naluluma na kotse mo... dami nasisira.... tsk tsk tsk...
    last week car ko sira power window.. then this week headunit naman... last month battery... dami talaga... evry month may bago nasisira

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    Oct 2002
    ganyan talaga pansin ko lang sa mga japanese cars 4 to 5 years ok.. then all of a sudden isa isa mag abno...up to the point gusto mo na ibenta at susuko ka na...tapos kung naisipan mo na ibebenta mo na..ok na sya...alam mo may puso't damdamin ata mga auto...kapag ok naman ang sasakyan tapos gusto mo lang ibenta dahil magupgrade ka to something else or a newer model..biglang masisira..

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    Oct 2002
    regarding maintenance: if you don't skimp on the little things, you'll stay clear of the big bad things.

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    Nov 2002
    tama kayo dyan.
    an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

    maintenance is the key to having a headache free (well, almost) ride.

    my car is 7 years old already ... and i have replaced: clutch assembly (bearing, plate, etc.), brake pads, muffler, filters (quite a few of all of them; fuel; air and oil), springs, bushings, front suspension thingies (tie rod end, etc.) ... and more to come (timing belt, shocks, etc.)

    it's expected though. my car is old. but hey, it's mine. so my motto is: "i take care of you, you take care of me". believe it or not, i talk to my car like she was my girlfriend. ayun, minsan nagseselos ang tunay na geirlfriend :P

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    Oct 2002
    Sasagutin ko po lang tanong sa taas.....

    Mahirap akin lang...Hindi po.

    Car maintenance is basically knowing your car. Kailangan kasi kilalanin mo lahat ng parte ng iyong sasakyan and ignoring this, definitely your pocket will suffer (Gastos). Puro bili ng mga parts na di naman kailangan or kailangang palitan. :wink:

    Yun lang po...

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    Oct 2002
    the problem is wala pa ako gaano kaalaman sa car ko....konti lang

    all i know is:

    change oil every 10tkm
    regular check up ng radiator

    un lang po....i dont have the manual kasi....di na po makita ng mom ko ung manual so i still have no idea kung ano po ung mga kailangan...tsaka i dont know kung paano ko malalaman na papalitan na...

    then the expenses...hay.....

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    Oct 2002
    meleagant, ang taas ng change oil interval mo ah.

    sa akin lang don't need a manual to do maintenance eh. all you have to do (as stated in this post) is to check all fluid levels (brake fluid, battery, clutch, power steering, coolant, etc.), maintain a regular change oil interval schedule and maintain the correct tire pressure...and presto!!!!! tatakbo kotse mo.

    yung iba namang sakit (like unusual sounds, sudden temperature changes, check engine lights), hindi naman pwede DIY yun eh. only a qualified mechanic can do it for you. all you have to do is to be sensitive to every sound, smell and sights that you encounter while driving.

    the purpose of a regular mileage PMs as prescribed by casas and manufacturers only are of preventive types. para maiwasang masira and itirik ka while driving. but basically, tama yung ibang posts dito na you may need to replace certain parts when your car reaches certain mileage levels (like timing belts, shocks, joints, etc.)


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