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    Oct 2006
    Barkada kami pero ako amo.

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    Sep 2006
    lagi syang nasa isip ko...kahit ano ginagawa ko, lagi pumapasok sa isipan ko

    bago ako matulog i make sure na ok sya...

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    Jan 2006
    what do you do to your prized possession to keep it in tip top shape?
    I wouldn't call my any of my cars prized possessions. But, I do tend to develop a sort of loyalty towards those cars that I feel did well or never let me down.

    My 1991 DSM turbo.... I could've just junked the thing when the engine got wrecked from a broken timing belt and took 3/4 of the valves with it. But, I chose to look for a low-mileage 1G Eclipse turbo 4G63 engine instead. I found two, I bought two. That car took me through some very good times in the past. There's simply no way it's ending at the junkyard. If I have to get rid of it, I'll give it to my nephews first.

    The 95 Contour..... Always maintained at recommended intervals. That's why it's been problem-free while other Contours have been regarded as lemons.

    The 06 Sonata. We bought it in Aug 2005. It's safe to say it's been problem-free so far. Not a single thing has gone wrong with it. As with the Contour...... Maintenance at recommended intervals. Oil change and parts are free. So, what the heck.

    It seems quicker than what early reviews had shown, especially on the freeway. I'm mighty happy with its performance (for a midsize). Once it's paid off, supercharger time.

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    Mar 2007
    Sobra! lagi ko sya car wash and gusto ko sya lagi tingnan hehehe.

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