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    Jan 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by hominid View Post
    Agree ako d2. Ako nga, ginitgit dahil me kasalubong daw na motor un truck na omovertake sakin. Biro mo, sa motor natakot, sa Getz ko hindi. Langya...
    All things considered, i'd prefer to squeeze another car rather than a cyclist. Banging wheels with another car we'd end up with bruised egos and paychecks, touching a two-wheeler is potentially fatal for one, and life ruining for the other.

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    Aug 2004
    You know, one factor (back to the physics) in safety is actually speed.

    Much as we enthusiasts (who clamor for the lifting of highway speed limits) don't want to admit it... speed is an important factor in safety. Or actually, more accurately, the difference in velocity between various vehicles on the road.

    The faster the traffic flows, the higher the combined momentum of the cars on the road.

    That's why we can talk about actually being hit while in a Charade here, and still be alive... whereas in the US, you'd be paste across the road...

    In other words... despite the huge number of fender benders inside the city... rush hour traffic is a perfectly safe place to be...

    But free-flowing traffic... ugh... it's amazing how many people come to a dead stop and swerve (or swerve from a U-Turn) in front of vehicles travelling at 60 km/h here.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002

    Go and tell it to the driver of this Mazda3 HB:

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    Oct 2002
    Yes it's true... Like in most of US, it's not as common to see fender bender damages on cars but crashes are crashes hehe.

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    May 2006
    I love this announcement made by the safety engineers at Volvo.

    "After decades of research and development in our car designs we have finally discovered the most important safety feature of the car: The DRIVER."

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    Oct 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by herbolero View Post
    badly damaged by a 16-wheeler driven by a sleepy driver. My car was dragged (with me inside) almost 20 meters before the driver could even realize that he hit something.
    D man lang nagising sa busina mo? O hindi ka bumusina the entire time nakakalagkad ka?

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    Jun 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by hominid View Post
    D man lang nagising sa busina mo? O hindi ka bumusina the entire time nakakalagkad ka?
    Mabilis pangyayari, mas priorty ko pag stabilize ng kotse, just imagine na nasa muka mo na halos yung headlight ng trak... hehehe... nabangga niya kasi ako sa left side, pero hindi niya kagad napansin. Parang train na nabangga isang kotse na naka sa riles. Ang nakakatuwa lang kahit na wasak yung buong side ng auto ko umaandar pa din nakapasok pa ko sa trabaho. hehehe...

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    Jan 2007
    Palagay ko tama si Niky. Mas malaking factor ang 'safety' (survivability siguro dapat itawag dito) sa US at even more sa Germany kesa dito. Simply because they go a heck of a lot faster and with hardly a pause in their speed unlike dito.

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    Apr 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    Pure bull.

    Simply because:

    And it goes further.

    Note: why are more Vioses involved in accidents than Corollas?

    Because they're small, and they're cheap. They appeal to young drivers who are more likely to take risks and get into accidents. Same goes with scooters. Yes, scooters are inherently less safe than cars, but the high fatality rate is mostly because they're cheap and appeal to younger or less experienced motorists, who are more likely to take risks and crash.

    Does that mean you can't be safe on a scooter? No. If you're a responsible rider, you can get through, just fine.

    If you don't segregate results by age and social profile, you fail to delineate the differences in who buys these vehicles.

    Minivans and midsize SUVs have lower fatality rates... obviously... these are vehicles that appeal to middle-aged women and housewives more (no offense to anyone with a minivan)... drivers who are less prone to risk-taking and who are more safety-conscious.

    Large SUVs appeal more to men... more aggressive drivers... and thus fatality rates are higher.

    Taking one factor in the statistics and ignoring all others can lead you to make some pretty silly assumptions.
    i agree with niky. nasa driver lahat yan (pero minsan kailangan din iconsider yung mga kasama mong driver sa lansangan. safe driver ka nga, pero katabi mo naman mga barumbado, madadamay ka rin).

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    Jul 2006
    i think small vehicles (compact cars and compact suvs) are unsafe.. why? have you heard of the news recently? a honda cr-v was cruising along daang hari near bacoor when it hit a tree, the airbags deployed but the driver was killed.. the driver was also wearing a seatbelt but he died coz the tree collapsed on the vehicle pinning it and the driver.

    and with recent news that midsize and large suvs often involved in collisions with bigger trucks and even falling down the skyway (kenneth quintal incident), their drivers have always escape death.

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