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    Jun 2007
    anyone knows what happened with this? 2005 pa pala ito.. hehehe.. 2005 pa nandito ang geely?? so what happened?

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    Dec 2007
    Okay, so i didn't notice that all of the previous chit-chat was done on 2005. Malapit na mag-2008. This is from the inquirer
    you better read this. The thing is, I don't think that the article is referring to the HA 1.0 model anymore since it's talking about a 1.1L hatchback and a 1.3L sedan. I visited the Geely website and the hatchback might just be the HQ model. It's so much better than the HA 1.0 (perhaps). When we become sure of the real identity of this car, then it would be really interesting to compare it with the Alto.

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    Nov 2009
    Actually, If im not mistaken, i have watched a documentary about the owner and the company itself via National Geographic years ago. He was really in focus to make a car in china that is fuel efficient, cheap and mostly specially to help his countrymen to have a job kasi mataas ang unemployment rate duon (although mas mataas pa rin ang sahod natin sa pinas compared sa salary ng chinese).

    So, its understandable that with that price, possibly some substandard materials are being used pero design wise it OK lang considering its market value. Give you an "A" rating for effort there.

    Anyone who owns this already and give their experience with this? Which is better? Geely or the KIA CD5?

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China car invades RP: Geely HA 1.0 is now locally available