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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by OTEP View Post
    Some of us here actually take to fixing cars [as well as other things] as a hobby so whatever losses incurred can just be part of the cost of the hobby.

    Wala naman akong bisyo, hindi naman ako nag-yoyosi, nagdo-droga o nag-susugal. I just like to wrench. Third generation na kong DIYer. Kung hindi ako matuto, baka mapukol ako ng martilyo ng tatay ko o baka multuhin pa ko ng nasira kong lolo. Of course, this makes wrenching fun because the whole family gets in on the act. When I replaced the Vitara's rear shocks, pareho kaming nasa ilalim ng sasakyan ni commander. It may not be your idea of a romantic date but that's how we spend quality time together. Natuto pa siya magpalit ng shock.

    Kani-kanina lang, inalis ko yung thermostat ng Vitara (assistant ko ulit si commander). Pero wala ako sa Monday kaya si Mang Ferdie (pinsan ni afrasay) na lang ang magkakabit nung bagong part when it arrives.

    If you know how things work and have actually worked on them, saka mo pa lang mare-realize na hindi talaga ganun kagaling ang casa. Madalas overrated lang and riding on the 'brand name' of being 'casa'. Wala pa kong nakitang 'exceptional' na casa. Though the Kia dealer I go to is quite good. Wala masyadong paperwork, wala masyadong BS. Wanna watch them work on your car? Go ahead lang.

    Same here. Me and my wife do the repairs even on our house.

    I taught her how to paint a house, drive a nail, use a drill, jigsaw, etc.

    She is always my helper when doing repairs on our car. In that case you make your shared quality time really productive and healthy.

    Just for me.

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    Oct 2002
    OT na tayo. But yes, it is a good way to spend quality time. Productive pa. But it goes both ways, kailangan ko din siya samahan mag-shopping at magpa-parlor (yet another learning experience).
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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by e2fee View Post
    But how do you get the factory service/repair manual? In US, it is easy -- it just another part that you can buy from the parts department.

    In Philippines, it seems dealers for some reason have a policy of not selling the service manual, no?

    They don't want you to know how to fix your car (after the warranty period), so that you will be forced to go to them, is that why?

    Or they don't want repair shops to get the information, is that it?
    You gotta know who to bribe to get a Photocopy for you... ...did that for the Nissan...

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    Haynes is the widest available service manual locally. You can get it at Fully Booked. Haynes is not really the best written manual but it's better than nothing. And you can support it with textbooks like 'Automotive Mechanics'. The softbound ones are not that expensive and is used as a textbook in some mechanic's classes.

    Bookstores like Books for Less also have service manuals (I found one for a '70s Chevy Blazer) gathering dust in the corners of their stores.
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