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    Nov 2002
    while watching the news on channel 2, they featured a newest way to coat the glass of your car making them bullet proof, it'll cost you 50,000-70,000 not bad=)

    they did several test as featured the glass didnt shatter, theres this glue like mkaterial that holds them...

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    Oct 2002
    for me, parang mas applicable lang ang magpa-bulletproof kung tipong politiko or sobrang mayaman ka e. wala lang. parang wala sya masyadong purpose kung isang ordinaryong tao ka lang. hehe

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    Oct 2002
    I forgot the website. Pero parang Liveraide at Circulan iyan...ang gaganda ng ads pero sa huli...NO THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS!!!

    I've checked the website (nasa PC sa Caloocan, sorry). These laminates are not bulletproof nor bombproof. They are only shatter resistant. They can only handle VERY small firearms fired from a distance as well as a variety of handheld weapons commonly used by street thugs (bats, crowbars, etc.) and for a limited time only. These things will not hold up in a sustained attack.

    Also, threats can just shoot through the sheet metal of your vehicle since it is not armored. The roof, and door jambs are favorite spots (hence the advent of 'overlap armor' on door jambs of true armored vehicles).

    Not really worth it for me. If there is a clear and present danger to you or your family, a real armored vehicle (even a used one) and a good security detail is still the best option.

    Channel 2 likes to promote stuff that don't really work as advertised. Khaos, anyone?

    Image of overlap armor:

    Link (Armored Toyota Land Cruiser surviving Iraqi IED and high powered rifles):
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    Nov 2005
    If you're paranoid about someone shooting at you...or if you just wanna feel super safe, i guess u can do it. In most cases, if you're wealthy and you've got enemies n need a bullet proof car for protection, then its time to change zip codes.

    But our taxes that we pay will probably go into bullet proofing to protect those who we'd want to have dead... dirty politicians.

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    IMO Bulletproof isn't the correct term, an "armored" car only buys you time to get out of an ambush or attack, it won't protect you from high powered ammo.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by ILuvDetailing View Post
    IMO Bulletproof isn't the correct term, an "armored" car only buys you time to get out of an ambush or attack, it won't protect you from high powered ammo.
    exactly! ... an armoured car only buys the occupant additional time for him to get away as compared to an unprotected car.

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    Dec 2004
    the armoured car of a business tycoon was so heavy that despite its big engine, it had a hard time going up the parking ramp in our building.

    the driver told us that aside from all the glass panels, the doors, roof, hood, and the flooring have armor plates. and it also has run flat tires.

    hmmm, i wonder if his choppers have that kind of protection also.

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    Aug 2004
    It's not worth doing to most "base model" SUVs and limos, as they really don't have enough "oomph" to pull that weight. My brother said that an armored 7-series he drove before, despite being a top-of-the-line V8, felt only as quick as a low-end six cylinder model.

    Want a cheap-ish armored vehicle? Try Kid Audio's Sound Competition Pajero. With almost one foot of soundproofing cement, it only lacks two-inch glass to provide good anti-armalite protection...

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    yung silver xtrail sa nissan gallery QA, level 3! 1.3 ang ord 250x, un ay 3.0M!

    matindi sa kapal ng lata! lalaban ng bangaan sa dyip!, salamin, grabe, mga 2 inches siguro..pero titignan mo, kala mo xtrail parin...i wonder panu kaya takbo nun, bigat nun for 2.5..sana ginawang v6 twin turbo!

    and common na client daw na bumibili is yun owners ng pawnshop.

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    Oct 2002
    Even the local armored X-trail is only level III and cannot withstand high powered rifles. Pano pa kaya yung mga laminates?

    Big engined 'base model' (walang borloloy) rigs are ideal for armoring because they are powerful and light.

    Level 7 is supposed to protect you from high powered rifles already. Not 'bulletproof' per se but it can withstand grouped shots from high powered rifles in both its opaque and transparent armor systems.
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bullet proof cars anyone?