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    Nov 2002
    Perhaps the E90 is heavier than the E36 and E46 as a result of increasing safety standards. Having 116 puny horses to handle such a massive car doesn't quite cut it. The E36 8-valve 316i only had 105 hp or less. Acceleration is slower than an ECCS definitely but not quite a slug either. I've driven one like this and I can really feel that the chassis can easily take twice the power, thrice even. The car was really great fun; could have been perfect if it had a much stronger powerplant.

    The E90 316i's steel rims are ballast, rather than alloy wheels that could have saved some weight. Black door handles also make it look downscale. A person with no knowledge in BMW's dynamics and excitement will certainly snub this car. Styling is overly understated - I expected much better. I'd also rather that BMW bring in the diesels instead.

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    Mar 2005
    slight OT, ganu kalaki percent difference kapag pinapa-service ang 1.6L BMW compared to a Japanese 1.6L sedan. for example, nag-spend ng 2k-3k every 3 months yun civic, how much naman sa BMW? assuming inclusive pa din sa 3 yr warranty period.

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    Sep 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by woodfire
    Hey, COOL IT! These guys are not lambasting the new 3er's. They just simply are expressing that they don't like the flamey design - period.
    Exactly the point.

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All-new 3 series (316i!?!)