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    Jul 2003
    ahh eh anu tawag dun sa naunang altis? yun parang masikip na flat konti siya... parang maliit na corolla

    yung unang corolla na tinawag na altis...

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    Oct 2002
    yun nga yung ae111. naging altis sya nung naglabas sila ng 1.8liter na engine.

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by badkuk
    i took a cab home one very early morning(don't ask), and medyo napakwento kami ng driver re the AE101 and AE111 corolla. Sabi nya is that ung AE111 daw e "lumulutang" pag mabilis takbo sa highway -- dunno what he meant pero i get the impression na medyo unstable sya at high speeds.

    on the other hand, ung AE101 na minamaneho e "bumabaon" sa kalsada at high speeds -- parang mas maganda raw ang kapit...better aerodynamics perhaps?

    comments, anyone? sana'y medyo cool lang po tayo sa pagsagot, and please don't take the above statements as entirely true -- for all we know this could be just a load of bullcrap
    I drive an AE111.

    The AE111 corolla does have a "float" problem at speed. Its due to the suspension. The local version of the AE111 came with TALLER springs as compared if you get the japanese version springs. I guess Toyota Philippines thought that a taller car would be better for the local road conditions.

    Given the local AE111 rides taller, it also means the center of gravity is higher. This makes the car sway (a little) side to side or yawing, especially when driving over uneven roads (example, EDSA).

    Its not a matter of aerodynamics of the AE111 is inferior to the AE101.

    BTW, its also relatively simple to fix. Replace the local springs with JDM (Japanese) springs. The car will ride 1 to 1.5 inch lower than local version too. An alternative, use lowering springs like Eibach, etc.

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    Jul 2003
    ok got it sir boybi

    yung bagong altis body? anu na sya? ae????

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    Nov 2002
    Hindi AE yung bagong Altis. It's something-121.

    As for the 111, I really can't help but be bothered by its relatively high ground clearance up front, which seems even taller than the 101. As what ghosthunter said, this may be the cause of high-speed instability. It's true that Toyota set the RP Corolla higher because of our bad road conditions.

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ae111 lumulutang?