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    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    The Edsel wasn't a bad car. Just so ugly and expensive that nobody wanted to buy them new...

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue View Post
    yun 1st generation Outlander dapat sinama saka Suzuki Samurai

    hahaha! snuck it in ha? actually, i liked the samurai.

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    1956 Eshelman Adult Sport Car

    Model: Adult Sport Car
    Years Built: 1955 - 1956
    Motor: Briggs + Stratton, 4-stroke
    No. Cylinders: 1
    Displacement: 248 cc
    Horsepower: 8.25
    Gearbox: Belt
    Starter: Rope
    Suspension Front: None
    Suspension Rear: None
    Steering: Cable
    Brakes: 4 wheel paddle
    4 Wheels: 4.50 x 6"
    Top Speed: 20 mph

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    Jan 2006
    I see my Dad's car is on the list. He traded in a rare V8 Dodge Dart for a Ford Pinto. I hated the Ford. But, my dad loved it.

    I still see a number of Pontiac Azteks here where I am. They're just ugly cars. But, their owners don't seem to have too many problems with them. They especially liked the built-in camping tent at the back.

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    some of the cars on this list were actually good. it's just that, they did not live up to someones' subjective expectations.
    i wouldn't mind if my favorite car is in that list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazdamazda View Post

    No Japanese, Korean, or Chinese cars on the list?

    What a biased list... really... and this is coming from a non-automotive website to boot.

    The Nissan cube
    Scion x a
    Nissan joke
    Honda elementary

    Posted through

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    Quote Originally Posted by jick.cejoco View Post
    The Nissan cube
    I rented a Nissan Cube once during one of my trips (2006) to Japan. It was a mechanically sound car. It even had a built-in GPS which was great except I didn't understand Japanese. It didn't look that ugly either.

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