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    Sep 2004
    Rear wings on a stock car with a stock muffler. I've actually seen one na nilagyan ng rear wing yung kotse nya na may rear spoiler already.

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    Dec 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by Galactus View Post
    Rear wings on a stock car with a stock muffler. I've actually seen one na nilagyan ng rear wing yung kotse nya na may rear spoiler already.
    ohoy i actually saw one galant singkit with this setup, 2 spoilers sa likod :bwahaha:

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    Oct 2002
    the biggest waste of money are the modders who spend tens of thousands to fix up their ride just the way they want it - go-fast parts, rims and suspension, body kits, sound systems...and once it is finished, magsasawa na sila (or they fall in love with a new model) at ibebenta nila yung car + parts for huge losses. then the vicious cycle begins again (usually this time with a more expensive car).

    some of these guys are rich and can afford to throw away money. the others are literally mortgaging their future.

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    Feb 2007
    Gawin mo lang ricey yung oto mo instant waste of money na yun

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    Dec 2005
    buy the base model of any car of your choice and then upgrade it to match or even improve on the features and specs of the top of the line model using high-end parts & accessories. don't forget to have it repainted & modified later ala pimp-my-ride :2thumbsup:

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    May 2006
    Getting a set of body kits that is too low that you get a gash or dent over the smallest of bumps hence you need to get repairs done nearly every week

    Also, body claddings :nono: what a waste IMO!
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    Feb 2008
    Using higher octane gasoline believing it will improve your car's performance but in reality it doing nothing more than a regular octane gas

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    Oct 2007
    Papalitan mo nang kulay ng pintura para maiba naman.

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    Oct 2006
    yung tale pipe finisher na stainless... minsan napakamahal... leather seats na pasadya na napakainit ng kotse pagpasok mo lalo na tirik na tirik ang araw so pag drive mo sinisilaban ka sa oven, pagiging OC pagbukas ng repair manual at lahat gusto palitan ng bago lalo na puro original, yung mga nikeladong bling bling mags which cost 60 to 100 thousand sa second hand car na mas mahal pa yung mags kesa sa kotse, paglagay ng super expensive sound system, emblems and stickers, pag lagay ng octane boosters para mapabilis ang 1300cc na kotse pangarera laban sa mga higher cc engines, pagbili ng mga super expensive tyres which cost 4 times more than some brands, pag ikot ikot sa slex, coastal, skyway, nlex nang di naman kailangan, bayad ka ng bayad ng toll..., magpark ka sa mendiola na ang sisingilin sau almost P60 sa kalye, P20 sa mmda parking, P10 sa pulis, P10 sa barangay, P20 sa watch ur car boy grabe, HID lights na di mo naman makita dinadrive mo sa gabe maganda lang tingnan, takaw huli pa sa makati

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    Sep 2005
    1)free-spinning chromed mags
    2)performance gauges on a stock engine car.
    3)performance muffler on a stock engine car. Tunog lata or tricycle tuloy.
    4)emblems and stickers that "show off" the would-be modifications done to your car. Lagay ka lang ng Ralliart sticker or Type R or TRD na emblem automatic HP gain na yan.
    5)putting racing tires on a stock engine car.
    6)neon underglow sa chassis ng auto. Ano yun, courtesy light?
    7)overkill na sound system na kinabitan ng sang damukal na speakers to the point wala nang pwedeng ilagay na gamet sa trunk.
    8)"performance" oil cap
    9)"performance" shift knob
    10)pag sadya na magkabit ng side mirror turn signal light(yung nakakabit sa assembly sa banda ilalim) kung mayrun naman nakakabit na fender light. Eh di hamak na mas visible sa othe motorists ang fender light kaysa yung sidemirror signal light.
    11)pag spray paint ng rear drum brakes para match sila sa body color ng auto.
    12)"performance/racing" steering wheel on a stock car. Na compromise pa ang safety mo dahil no airbag.
    13)LED na naka kabit sa water spray sa hood.
    14)pagkabit ng tow hook. Mayrun nang tow hook na stock ang lahat ng mga auto natin.
    15)exterior chrome garnishings. It makes the vehicle look old.
    16)rear wing na akala mo madali sumipa ng 180kph para gumana ang effects ng wing.
    17)strutbar on a stock engine car. Do you really feel the difference? Not unless your auto is belting out some serious lateral G's.
    18)gas saving devices. Too many to mention.
    19)tilt down plate holders. Not only do I think it's stupid, it's also illegal.
    20)Tinted plate holders. Illegal din. And what do you need the tint for? To protect your license plate from the harmful UV rays?

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20 ways you waste money on your car