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    Sep 2007
    hi fellow tsikoteers,

    i just wanna ask on what to expect on an E150 van aside from its fuel consumption.

    we are planning to acquire one kasi.

    any feedbacks would be greatly appreciated.


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    Jun 2006
    1. Very high fuel consumption.
    2. Very high fuel consumption
    3. Boaty ride
    4. Very high fuel consumption
    5. Hard to park
    6. People will think you're such an ass for using an american gas guzzling car amid the worsening global warming (and crisis). hehehe
    7. It's nice to drive, lakas ng engine. I've driven and ridden in one many times.
    8. Not good for high speed cornering though.
    9. Not really that spacious kasi ang lalaki ng upuan nito.
    10. Different from the usual.

    It's better to buy a Grand Starex CRDI VGT. or if you're a Toyota fan, Grandia (but it's a bit spartan compared to the luxurious interior of GS though).

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    Nov 2007
    ok lang yan bro aside lang talaga sa malaks fuel iyo ba ito bibitawan mo na ba ang trooper mo?

    btw:mas maganda ata yung parang cabinet style ang bukas ng pinto sa passenger kaysa doon sa sliding?

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    Jun 2006
    Column shift nga pala ito. It's a bit weird using it for the first time.

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    Oct 2002
    There's an LPG conversion kit for it. You can sacrifice the spare tire if you don't want to sacrifice luggage space.

    The front dog house/engine cover occupies a lot of room up front. For such a large van, the driver will have the space of a Suzuki APV.

    The early models had swing type passenger doors, later models used a more conventional sliding door. Which one is better will depend on your usage. I like the sliding door better for passenger use. For the ambulance, I like the swing type door more.

    With used prices dropping like bird poo, the E150 makes a tempting buy.
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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    Jun 2006
    yeah, tempting nga.

    but the LPG conversion, last i heard, is around 160k. hahahahaha

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    Feb 2008
    Very matakaw indeed sa gas. But if your from States the average gas price nowadays there is around $2.50 per galon. Much cheaper than here in Pinas. For safety and lots of comfort then go for it.

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    Nov 2007
    hmmm me gsto ka atang gayahin eh?? hehehe yung b_n_bus

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    May 2006
    SQ - your family can greatly benefit from an E-150 and you can readily afford to feed it.

    It's not really for everyone but for those who truly need a true people mover with tons of space, this is the mother of all vans.

    I suggest you scout around for a second hand, first owned unit.


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    Nov 2008
    it is a land yatch
    very comfy, with captains chair in 2 nd row
    but ac cannot cool the entire cabin at 10am to 4pm unless its cloudy and overcast.

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What to expect on an E150 ?