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    Oct 2002
    i-share ko lang itong post ko noon sa isang forum:

    The result obtained from the mild driving condtions is referred to as Research Octane Number (RON) and the results obtained from severe driving conditions is referred to as Motor Octane Number (MON). Typically, the MON result is lower than the RON result. Some gasolines show little difference between the two values while others can show adifference of greater that 10 octane numbers. The difference between the two ratings is called the sensitivity of fuel. If there is a large difference betwwen the two values, it means that the fuel may perform significantly better under mild driving conditions than severe driving conditions (assuming RON is greater than MON). It does not necessarily mean that the fuel is unsuitable for severe driving conditions, as the upper octane number (RON) may be significantly higher than necessary for good operation and so the MON may fall into a suitable range.

    There is no worldwide standard for reporting octane number. Typically ocatane number is either reported as RON only or as the average result of RON and MON, that is (RON + MON)/2.

    CLBU Product Knowledge - Retail Product Knowledge Training Course - CPInc.

    Tama si johnqpublic318. Dito we use RON. IMHO as long as ayos takbo ng makina mo sa fuel na ginagamit mo, better stick with that brand or fuel with a particular octane rating.

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    Oct 2002
    If you need higher octane, get toluene =)

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    Oct 2002
    thanks. vortex silver is doing pretty well. :mrgreen: must've been some other internal problem.

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    Nov 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by splerdu
    If you need higher octane, get toluene =)

    Mixtures with 92 pump-octane Octane Premium
    10%...........94.2 Octane (pump... maybe around 99 RON)
    20%...........96.4 Octane
    30%...........98.6 Octane

    Try to locate industrial chemical suppliers in the yellow pages. Some should be able to sell you toluene in 200-liter drums. A few years ago, I was quoted 5,000 pesos for this size-- not too bad. Mixing your own home-brew may be cheaper than off-the shelf additives.

    Disclaimer-- Though it shouldn't be a problem, I have to say this: I am not responsible for your safety nor effects to your engine.

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    Jan 2011
    How toluene work toincrease octane rating? All the while i thought we can only use that for crude oi treatment. thanks to you guys. I really needs some advice because I just bought a ford lynx gsi. I drove it before settling and the engine is really amazing so I decided to get it instead of my other options. However, after paying it the seller told me to use only petron blaze and dont use lower octane gas not even vortex gold or petron xcs. Heck, to get that blaze thing is very difficult for me because inavailability on some petron stations near my place. I tried the xcs but pinging occurs on my engine and the sounds really change. is it normal katsikoters? do i really need to get that blaze thing for my car? I dont want to sell it because the performance really amaze me but considering his gas is really something to think about. I need some advice lads. Cheers

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Gasoline/Octane for Expedition/F-150