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    Quote Originally Posted by ERICKDALENA View Post
    hey guys, im erick dalena ho! hehe im 16 turning 17 this november hehe o and my car, its a ford lynx rs ce. astig to! i herd they only made 100? totoo ba? umm i have a couple of qustions po. im a starter at tunning i loved cars since young so ayun. i knew a few pero olats pare, um my car has a simota ithink its a cai and it came with the car, it has momo rims. and all stock pa naman, im planning to change my rims, any points i need to know? and ung intake ko is on the bottom and natatakot ako bka pag napasabak sa baha e pasukin, its running on stock spings ngaun, what do you guys think i should get? gusto ko sana tein eh san kea mkkkuha nun? and how much? o planning din po pla ako magpalagay ng full exaust, anu kea una? muffer o hedders? or should i get them as a set? brands? and most importantly, price? hehe i have to beg my perents to give me dough to start this hehe pero i need help on chosing the right stuff. and where to get em. o and after a few months i am allso planning to install a turbo, help with everything po hehe plssss o and san po kaya merong steam clean ng seats? hehe tnx po . ps ndi po ako maka logon sa fcp kaya dito ako ng ttnung and alam ko naman mga astig tsikoteers eh haha tnx po!
    I.H.E = Intake Header Exhaust upgrade muna ...

    Go to speedlab, it`s a reputable shop.

    If you don`t have the cash, forget about it. Opting for cheaper alternatives might lead into something else, something worse that what it is before.

    Exterior ? No need to change anything. The RS looks perfect ! Just maintain its shine by detailing it regularly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghosthunter View Post

    The Ford Lynx RS also isn't the best car to mod because of many limitations of the base car.

    Just get a civic rather than this souped up ford Lynx

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    Quote Originally Posted by renzo_d10 View Post
    I.H.E = Intake Header Exhaust upgrade muna ...

    Even with the "simple" header and exhaust upgrades might result in either increase in fuel consumption and no power gain or even power loss (or even both FC increase & power loss) if done wrong.
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    PM Niky ... HAHAHA !

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    Quote Originally Posted by loverlionus View Post
    Hi niky, may I know where you get your Lynx parts in Laguna? Thanks.
    I don't. I buy in QC.

    For modification, I've already answered the PMs, but I'll answer here (was out all weekend... no net).

    Basic IHE mods will give you some power, as long as you don't "cheap out" and get good mods. Good mods equals a K&N Filter, a cold-air intake or long intake tube, mandrel bent long headers (just get these custom from Brodeth, SMT or Mufflerland), a full 2.25" exhaust and a good muffler. All together, this should boost the RS from around 142 hp to about 155+ bhp. Last reasonable mod (for power is the Unichip... boost you to about 165 bhp.

    After that, nothing is cheap. My Lynx is currently the most powerful non-turbo Lynx in the country, but you don't want to know what it took to do that, and the moment the guys with the V6 swaps get properly modified and tuned, they'll wipe the floor with me (V6 swap... costs less than a B16 swap... ).

    You can turbo for just 150k pesos (or less if you source parts yourself), but you'll need to fix the oiling system (order oil pump from the US and upgrade your PCV valve) to keep the motor healthy and you will need a clutch upgrade at the very least (and at worst, new gears... 3rd-5th gear combo from the US and upgraded synchros) to keep your transmission happy.

    That said, there are some guys who blow up RSs due to poor turbocharging, and some guys who've had their turbo cars for years now (one's at 200+ hp, the other's closer to 300... both stock internals)... so it's a case to case basis. It's not the worst motor in the world to mod... (that would have to be the Hyundai Coupe 2.0 AT... transmission can only hold about 160 bhp!) but it's definitely cheaper to turbocharge a Nissan SR20 or a Honda K20... as both motors can take more boost safely.

    Suspension upgrades, IMHO (because I've done them all), are not worth it. Sure, they'll make the car handle better, but I've never had problems with the stock suspension on track (have even outdriven more modified cars with the stock set-up!). If you're looking for better handling, just change out the rear anti-roll bar. if you're looking for a "lowered" stance... well... that's your decision.

    The Lynx is a nice daily driver that's a very competent track car or twisty road car. If you start cutting into it and making changes just for change's sake, you might ruin that balance.

    Quote Originally Posted by JPG111 View Post
    Just get a civic rather than this souped up ford Lynx
    The SiR is a better dragster than the RS, but stock-to-stock, the RS is better equipped, rides better, handles better and has a nicer body kit. If you're not going to turbo an ES or an FD, there's no reason to get one over the Lynx... the ES doesn't handle nearly as well as the Lynx and is handicapped by the automatic transmission. The FD handles just as well, but the ride is pretty stiff.

    If you really want to turbo a non-turbo compact, you'll want to buy the ultra-ultra-ULTRA-rare Civic FD 2.0 MT... as that can give you over 250 whp ( around 300+ bhp) on stock internals...
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    ^^^What he said.

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    My Lynx is currently the most powerful non-turbo Lynx in the country, but you don't want to know what it took to do that
    'nuff said.

    though i would want to see niky's long list of modifications one time .... :rofl01:

    btw *niky, any plans if ever your rs will be featured at TG ?

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    Buhay pa ba yung mga Lynx RS? Bakit parang wala akong nakikita na 2nd hand o umaandar sa daan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardwang View Post
    Buhay pa ba yung mga Lynx RS? Bakit parang wala akong nakikita na 2nd hand o umaandar sa daan?
    i still see a number of them.
    ok yung mga nakikita ko. hindi carag-carag.
    mukhang alaga ng owners.

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